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How In-App Ads and Other Features Can Elevate Your Business

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The act of buying services or additional application perquisites from inside an application is what we know as In-App Purchases. The central idea behind the in-app purchase is to provide an application fee, appeal the user in, and then for additional changes or customizations, charge an adequate fee. The idea of In-app purchases rose back in the early 2010s, as companies and developers were looking to make revenue without urging the users to buy an application. Not only did it allow developers to make money from the app, but it also benefited users to gain an application free of cost.

However, in recent times, applications have proved a viable source for businesses. Bearing in mind how E-commerce is on a monumental rise, in-app purchase is tailor-made for the current age of digital market. Which is why applications are one of the foundational elements in any digital marketing strategy. It allows companies and marketers to achieve their designated financial mark. Additionally, considering the plethora of facts related to the mobile app market, in-app purchases are a viable tool.

However, there are more than a few ways to monetize an application apart from in-app purchases, so let us dive right into the specifics.

In-App Advertising – Types

More than half the smart-phone users around the globe access the internet only with mobile phones. Considering most of these applications they use fall in the category of gaming or chatting, advertisement companies see them as a vital tool in digital marketing. However, placing in-app advertisements require additional costs, but that matter that should worry you. Considering the stats that experts project about the potential of in-app advertising. Which is projected to be just below 500$ billion by 2028.

However, the type of in-app advertising include:

  • Rewarded Videos, which are perhaps the most utilized tool in video content aspect of digital marketing today. These videos urge an app user, whether is a game or chatting app, to watch the video and earn additional benefits from the application. Like coins for a game or premium chatting services.
  • Native Ads are hard to tell apart from the in-app features, hence their name. Their speciality is blending in with the App’s user-interface and provide sponsored content that attracts a user towards other entities.
  • Full-Screen interstitial ads can prove a bit annoying to users, but they are efficient nonetheless. If they feature attractive content, interstitial ads generate revenue by the clicks.
  • Smart Banner or just Banner ads are one of the most sought out and commonly known advertising tools. These ads are just banners that cover a small portion of the screen for advertising purposes.

These type of advertisements can help you not only elevate your business app but also enable you to make viable contacts and allies in the digital marketing world.

In-App Purchases

Perhaps one of the most sought-out types of in-app revenue service; In-app purchases allow applications with a wide user-base to reap their benefits. Even though many experts have split opinions on in-app purchases, there is no denying the effectivity of their marketing potential. Nevertheless, these in-app purchases feature three main app models:

  1. Consumable & Non-Consumable Based Apps
  2. Freemium Model Apps
  3. Subscription-Based Apps


One of the earliest forms of in-app monetization, sponsorship provides a variety of options for developers and business owners alike. As the name suggests, sponsorship is just encouraging and endorsing of a product or service on a public platform, in this case, an application. Among some of the main benefits, sponsorship allows your business to make a number of the alias.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the premier offerings of digital marketing today. It does not only help elevate your brand, but it also utilizes your platform to elevate others. It enables your company name to garner a respectable repute in the industry, as well as provide viable advertisement means. Mobile App Developer UAE asserts that affiliate marketing requires you to sponsor other service or product in your application, and vice versa. This helps you and your partner earn commissions and provide capable lead generation.

SMS and Email

SMS and Email are two of the earliest forms of digital marketing. However, in recent times it helps companies provide vital information regarding stock-clearance or seasonal sales. Emails help connect with users, answer complains and gather viable feedback. Therefore, your business application must feature in-app SMS and Email services.


Conjuring a capable app revenue model according to your industry requires a lot of hard work. The application market of 2020 is one of the most sough-out, capable and the platform with the most potential. Therefore, these in-app services can elevate your brand in numerous ways, apart from the ones stated above. However, among all of these options, it is imperative for businesses to prioritize serving their users/customers. That way they help their application elevate in digital marketing, resulting in better in-app options.

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