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How much does it Cost to Hire Mobile App Developers? 

Mobile App Developers

Mobile apps remain fantastic to build strong relationships with existing customers and reach potential customers. Almost all businesses have changed their traditional approach to business; they are using mobile apps to cater to their customers’ needs. If you are also searching to develop a mobile app for your startup or business, this blog might help you find the most asked question on the internet – How much does it cost to hire mobile app developers?

As an initial idea, the cost of mobile app development depends on the idea, and there are several factors associated with it. The overall development cost majorly depends on how you have hired developers. The average estimate to develop an app is $5,000- $50,000 for a single platform app. It can be more based on the functionalities, features, and other components. 

Before jumping on the other points, let’s check some facts and figures that will give you great insight into hiring the developers and app development. 

So, let’s check the components that affect the cost of hiring mobile app developers.

Hiring Mobile App Developers.

App Developers
  • The App Developers Platform 

The cost of hiring mobile app developers direct relates to the app platform you have chosen for your next app. Although there are two types of mobile platforms, i.e., Android and iOS, you can also think about cross-platform app development. Another option is a web platform. The interesting point is that all these platforms require separate development costs that include the cost of hiring developers. 

  • App Complexity

It depends on the app’s idea of whether it will be complex or not. If your app is simple, then only one or two developers are enough to shape the app. But if your app is complex, then it may increase the number of developers that affects the cost to develop a mobile app. But, on the other hand, it will also increase the project development time. 

  • Experienced Team

There is no need to say that hiring experienced professionals is more expensive than hiring beginners or intermediate developers. The overall cost depends on what experts you will hire; you have to pay accordingly. Some businesses also avail the services of a mobile app development company for developing the apps. They charge the clients accordingly. 

  • App Type

The type of app also influences the cost of developing mobile apps or hiring mobile app developers. You can find the apps in three basic, intermediate, and advanced categories. Specifically, these apps can be calculators, weather, social media, or AI/ML-based apps. For overall app development, the developers can charge you like-

  • Basic Apps: $5000-$15000
  • Intermediate Complexity Apps: $20,000- $40,000
  • Highly Complex Apps: $50,000- $150,000
  • Location of Developers  

The location of developers is also one of the constraints on how much it costs to hire mobile app developers. The countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, India etc., are known as the hub of IT and Software project development experts containing talented developers. Suppose if you hire mobile app developers from the USA, then you need to pay more such as $150- $250/ hour minimum. On the other hand, hiring Indian app developers is easy with quality assurance. 

The above are the key reasons that affect the cost to hire mobile app developers. For developing your app, you can hire developers as freelancers or from an app development company. Both have their advantages or disadvantages. Although in practical terms hiring a mobile development company is more beneficial. As they have appropriate resources and ensure fine work quality. 

The following section of this blog is dedicated to how you can hire a mobile app development company. 

How to Choose a Mobile App Development Company For Your Project?    

Hiring mobile app developers from well established mobile app development companies is a smart method to meet the app development objective. The reason is there; you can find more experienced app developers who can turn or shape your app idea into a real-time app. Moreover, you can hire experts from there for the projects such as chatbot development, enterprise mobility solutions, on-demand app development or an app based on an Uber-like app model. 

So, here are some crucial steps you need to follow while hiring a mobile app development company.

  • Idea Formulation: first, you need to finalize your app idea and what kind of concept you want to implement via your app. Suppose you need to develop an app like Canva, then first, you need to figure out what you can include in your app to make it unique. 
  • Developers’ Portfolio: The next step is to explore the portfolios of developers. By going through the portfolio of developers, you can analyze whether are they able to work on your app idea? Have they experienced working with similar concepts? How many years of experience do they have? Once you get satisfaction, then you can proceed with the interview. 
  • Interview of Developers: The next stage is interviewing the developers to find out their real potential. As it will not be like the job interview here, you need to discuss the project idea with developers and try to find out what their views are about the project and if they have the expertise to handle it. 
  • App Development Standards

For a fine application experience, some standards are necessary. So, it would be best if you found out whether the app developers you are going to hire from a company follow standards or not. To represent your app on the global platform, it must meet international market standards.

  • QA Process

Testing an app is as important as development. Without testing, an app can’t be launched directly. Post-development, it must be tested under rigorous testing conditions, and after the elimination of the last bug, it will be ready for launch. While discussing the project, it would be better to know what kind of QA process is being followed by the shortlisted mobile app development company. 

  • Team Size

Another critical point is to find out the team size, like what kind of experts are involved in their team. For example, suppose you are consulting for Android app development, then find out how many professionals will work on your project. Although it depends on the project complexity, it will give you an idea of how they manage the team. 

  • Reviews & Ratings

You also need to check the reviews and ratings given by their existing and former clients. It will give you some idea of what others think about the company, and it’s mobile app developers you are going to hire for your project. 

The Final Thoughts

This blog is about the cost to hire mobile app developers, so in conclusion, the hiring cost depends on various factors that you can check in the above sections. For your information, the iOS app development cost is higher than the Android app. These are the two major platforms that you can consider for app development. 

Initially, it is quite tough to find experienced mobile app developers for the project as there are several working in the IT industry which claim that they are the best. Instead of going with the advertisement, practical thinking always works fine. Here you need to find out what your expectations for having an app are? What is your expected budget? What features do you need to get in your app? Once you are sure about these, then you need to check all these with the mobile app development company. 

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