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How Successful Is Inpatient Drug Addiction Treatment?

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Drug Addiction is one of the toughest enemies of the medical industry as it grabs almost all the senses of a human being. Treatment of drug addicts is a challenge both medically and psychologically. It is more of a battle than treatment. The drug is a slow killer and submerges the patient into it without even letting him know his condition until it goes out of hand. The Medical field was already suffering from tackling serious cases of drug addiction. Doctors were adamant about saving the maximum lives possible within the limited set of treatments available, but now the situation has worsened with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The problem of Drug Abuse during COVID-19

By now, everybody is aware of the challenges posed by COVID-19 disease. The worst thing about this virus is that it is transmissible through human contact. This obligated patients to stay alone during this tough fight. The civil unrest caused due to this pandemic witnessed a drastic rise in drug abuse cases. Experts fear that even if we win the war against pandemics soon, people who fell into the pit of the drug are going to suffer for many more years to come. The health industry, which is already under a severe burden, must be prepared for this.

Available medical aids-

After we have so much about the brutal consequences of substance abuse, the next question that arises is what do we have currently in the closet to treat this situation? Well! Considering the present scenario, the situation is not in our favor. Today, in the name of treatment, we just have options like rehab centers in Honolulu, inpatient drug treatment, etc. However, expert opinions don’t agree with each other regarding the success of this model.

The technique used during inpatient drug treatment

Inpatient drug addiction treatment works on controlling the drug intake of the patient. Tactics like a clean diet, exercise, shocks, motivational speeches, and other things to calm down the mind of patients. These methods help a patient come out at a level where he can again be a part of normal society. But is it enough? The problem with this model is that it is not directly proportional to the severity of the patient’s condition. The techniques remain neutral for all kinds of patients. However, inpatient drug addiction treatment is a successful option as it enables the patient to regain control of his life. 

Relapse- A failure?

Critics argue that inpatient treatment is only effective until a situation of relapse occurs. After the patient falls prey to relapse, the entire treatment is a failure to them. In answer to this, medical experts define relapse to be a part of treatment only. They say that relapse is a normal occurring and happens during the treatment of all other chronic diseases like asthma, diabetes, and hypertension. Relapse is not an indication of failure but a sign that the patient needs continuance of treatment. We can decrease possibility of relapse with continual evaluation and proper medicinal modifications.

Why prefer Inpatient Rehab Treatment over Outpatient?

Both these methods are designed to help the patient fight the negative effects of drug abuse. While the purpose of both is the same, they differ in attributes and nature of the application. To understand as to why inpatient must be preferred over outpatient is-

  • Outpatient treatment allows the victim of abuse to continue his daily life routines. Although his situation seems under control, access to routine stuff, contact with people, partial monitoring of his condition can lead the situation to get even worse with time. Whereas in an inpatient drug rehab in Brooklyn, NY, the patient is under continuous surveillance. All his activities and progress are strictly monitored and tracked. They get both medical and psychological support in a hospital.
  • During inpatient treatment, people also get to see the condition of other patients, which may become a strong driving force for him to fight back and go back to his normal life again as soon as possible. On the other hand, during outpatient drug treatment, they get to see the lives of normal people, which may leave a negative impact on his willpower because he does not have control of his senses and life activities.
  • Outpatient is considered a good option for people with very mild symptoms, whereas the patients with severe symptoms genuinely need an inpatient program for successful recovery.


Addiction is an uncontrolled habit. Many of us struggle to break our bad habits like overeating, sleeping more than required, not exercising, etc. Imagine if these habits are so strong enough to hamper our way of a healthy life, then what would be a condition of a drug addict. This is the reason why drug treatment is more of an emotional battle than treatment. Inpatient is a success only if the facility chosen is of an appropriate level. The methods adopted by the center, therapies, programs, etc., must be thoroughly checked before sending the patient. These things play the role of the deciding factors for the success and failure of the treatment.

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