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How to Add HBO Max to Hulu: 5 Amazing Ways You Need to Know


HBO Max is a premium streaming platform from Warner Bros. that allows viewers to watch all of HBO’s original content and more in one app. Hulu is a US-based online streaming service that includes content from CBS, ABC, NBC, and FX in addition to its own original programming.

Hulu subscribers who have an active Hulu subscription can now use the HBO Max add-on plan in their Hulu accounts to access HBO Max on the Hulu app.

So all you need are your Hulu credentials to stream content. That concludes our discussion.

How to Activate HBO Max on Your Hulu Account


Step 1: Go to the Hulu homepage and click “Sign up now” to create your Hulu account, which will give you access to both Hulu and HBO Max content while only being billed by Hulu.

Step 2: Install the HBO Max app separately and sign up for an account using the provider option list, then choose Hulu as your provider.

Step 3: At home, you can watch HBO Max on Hulu or on the following devices:

  • Apple: iPhone, iPad, Apple TV (4th Gen), and Mac (supported by iOS 10 or newer)
  • Android: Android 5.0 or higher on all Android phones and tablets
  • Chromecast, Roku TV, Fire TV, and Fire Stick
  • Xbox: 360 and One
  • PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4
  • Samsung: Select Samsung TV models
  • Laptops are personal computers (PCs)

Hulu subscribers will need to create an account separately to get HBO Max free trial and to stream HBO Max premium content and movies.

After a one-week free trial, viewers will be charged $14.99 per month for these video streaming services. A Hulu subscriber has the option to cancel at any time.

The Hulu base plan allows for two simultaneous streams, which can be upgraded with an unlimited screens add-on via the Hulu + Live TV plan. It allows streamers to watch HBO and Hulu content, as well as live TV, on 5 screens at once, including three mobile devices, which is beneficial for on-the-go users.

Third-party Apps For Hulu Billing

Hulu subscribers can pay their subscription bills through a variety of plans and add-ons. It also enables users to be billed through a variety of third-party apps. The following are some of them:

  • Amazon
  • Disney
  • Apple
  • Roku
  • Spotify

You can add to your Hulu account directly (using your Hulu credentials) or through these third-party apps (see the previous section). Continue reading to learn more about the various ways you can add HBO Max to your Hulu subscription.

Add HBO Max to Hulu Via Third-party apps

Let’s have a look at how Hulu works before we discuss how to add HBO Max to Hulu. It’s a streaming service with bundles. You can use it to “bundle” inside your Hulu profile; however, when billed by third parties, you’ll have access to not only HBO Max but also other amazing Hulu features like no advertisements and live TV.

You must first complete the following basic steps in order to add the Add-on to your Hulu account.

I did my best to compile a list of all the streaming services, streaming platforms, and other platforms from which you can bill Hulu, as well as discuss the restrictions they impose.

Add HBO Max via Hulu + Spotify

HBO Max is a Hulu add-on that can be added at any time by going to Manage plan in your Hulu account. This allows you to add new add-ons or remove unwanted ones.

You must sign up for Hulu directly to get add-ons, live TV, and no-ad content.

Users who have active Hulu bundles must first deactivate them, then sign up for HBO Max and resubscribe to Hulu using the same email address.

Then go to Hulu and select Manage Add-ons, then choose as an add-on.

Add HBO Max via Amazon

All Hulu features are available through Amazon including Premium add-ons. To add, go to your Hulu account and click on “Manage add-ons.”

Add HBO Max via Disney+ bundle

Existing Disney+ subscribers will not be able to use their Disney+ app to access Hulu Live TV plans or add-ons.

To subscribe to add-on plans, viewers must have a separate and active Hulu account.

New Disney+ subscribers who have signed up for the Disney Bundle will have access to the ad-free Hulu add-on.

Add HBO Max via Apple

Apple users can edit their Hulu accounts directly through Apple by going to the “Subscriptions” page on their Apple device and selecting Hulu.

Even so, to add the HBO Max add-on to Hulu, you’ll need to subscribe to Hulu directly.

Hulu subscribers who were previously billed by Apple will need to cancel their subscription first, then resubscribe once the billing cycle is over.

Add HBO Max add on with Roku

All Hulu Add-ons are available to Roku users, at least on certain Roku devices. You can change your Hulu subscription on your Roku device or directly on Hulu.

Simply go to the Hulu app’s profile section and select the subscription option under the account. Then select your plan and optional extras, pay and submit.

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