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How to Care for Your Growing Cannabis


You’re about to venture into the land of growing your own cannabis garden, and you couldn’t be more excited. You may have seen a full-grown marijuana garden before, and it’s a sight to behold. Now you want to create your own!

Not everyone sets out to grow their own cannabis, and it’s admirable that you’re determined to make it happen.

Having the mindset to grow a cannabis garden is a great place to start. But do you know how to care for it? There’s a lot to going into caring for a marijuana garden, but it’s nothing you can’t handle.

Soak up these tips (like a plant soaks up water!), and you’ll be on your way to growing your own weed.

1. The Right Containers

It may be you’ve decided to grow your marijuana outside but don’t have excellent soil. If that’s the case, then containers are a good option.

Containers are ideal since you can place them in various locations. For example, if your plants are in the wind, you can move them someplace sheltered.

It could be that your plants will thrive more if they have a few more hours of sun during the day. Temporarily move them to a new location so they can soak up some more sunlight and grow!

Movability aside, keep in mind that you may or may not want a larger plant. If you decide to have a larger plant, make sure it has enough room to grow. A larger container will ensure it has plenty of space.

2. Plenty of Sunlight

To flourish, a cannabis plant needs lots of sunshine. Yes, I realize I’ve mentioned that a lot in this article. Since having a prospering plant is the goal, sunlight will make it happen! For it to begin growing, it’ll need at least six hours of sun per day.

Midday is when the sun is the best, so try to plant your garden where it’ll get direct sunlight midday. If you had another spot in mind to grow your garden, but it doesn’t have enough sunlight, you’ll have to figure out a plan B.

Containers may be the ticket! As I mentioned, you can move them around, making it easier to place them in direct sunlight.

But if they’re planted in the ground, be mindful of the sun. You won’t have any marijuana if your plants don’t grow due to a lack of sunlight!

3. A Cool Breeze

Believe it or not, but having some wind can help your plants thrive. This is especially the case if you live in a hot or humid climate. A cool breeze can cool your plants down and prevent them from getting burned.

Keep in mind, though, that it shouldn’t be too windy where your garden is. If your area is prone to high winds, make sure your garden gets sheltered behind a fence or shrub.

4. The Right Nutrients

So that your cannabis plants grow, you’ll need the proper nutrients. The best type of nutrients to give your plants should be heavy in nitrogen to encourage growth.

Your goal should be to have a soil mix complete with vitamins, minerals, and living organisms. Having high-quality soil will encourage your plants to grow. After all, the goal is for your plants to produce the best marijuana!

There are pre-formulated blends that you can pick up that are made for cannabis plants to prosper. But, first, do some research or consult with someone who’s experienced in growing marijuana. That way, you can make sure you’re using the right blend.

5. Regular Pruning

After your plant starts growing, focus on doing some pruning. Removing dead branches and leaves is an excellent place to start.

By getting rid of the dead stuff, your plant will prosper. The bigger, healthier buds you have, the better. You don’t want dead branches keeping the buds away from sunlight and vital nutrients.


Growing your own cannabis has an endless amount of benefits. You get to control what type of products are used on your plants. And, you also have an infinite supply of marijuana in your backyard.

It will no doubt take a while for your garden to grow. But once you get the hang of things, you’ll likely become a marijuana grower for life.

The convenience of having cannabis at your home is ideal. You’ll have weed that can help with anxiety, reduce inflammation, and offer many more health benefits.

Care for your plants, and they’ll yield amazing cannabis. In addition, you’ll be eager to share your knowledge with fellow marijuana users!

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