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How to Celebrate Each Day of Valentine’s Week

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The week of love is about to knock your door and this week you should devote all your time to your beloved. After all, you just get only 7 days to celebrate love, passion, and romance. 

Did you know what each of these days signifies?

If you haven’t heard of these special days during the springtime, read on to explore the interesting facts and what you can do to celebrate emotions and love.   

Before all these, order flowers online for people in your life especially your bae as the online florists are about to receive huge orders on Valentine’s Day for delivering blossoms worldwide. Some early preparations ensure peace of mind as you get some time to plan your Valentine’s weekly schedule. 

Day 1: Rose Day

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The saga of love starts on 7 February with Rose Day. This is no less in terms of importance when it comes to celebrating your love relationship. The day has enormous significance as on this day you can express your every emotion with distinct-hued roses whether it is love or friendship or any other relationship. 

People who are already in a love relationship, it’s an ideal day to make your loved one feel esteemed offering her/him a nice bouquet of vibrant red roses conveying your feelings. If you are staying at a distance from your special one and can’t reach him/her on this special day then also you should send flowers to mumbai or any other city in India to cherish the day. Wherever you are on the planet, sending roses on this day to loved ones strengthens the bonds of love. 

Those who have been waiting for quite a long time to express the hidden feelings this day is momentous for them. If you are also on the same boat, don’t miss your chance to convey your feelings to your love sending a cluster of red roses.

Day 2: Propose Day


This day is vital for every bachelor whether he/she is in a commitment or not. 

The people who are single and have a crush on someone can unveil their feelings to that person. Rush to that person holding a bunch of red roses. Get down on your knee and say the three magical words with genuine feelings. Maybe your loved one is also waiting for a long time to experience this loving moment.

If you are lucky enough to be in a commitment then don’t waste this opportunity. When marriage is on your mind, or you just want to take your relationship to the next step, this is the idyllic day to express your thoughts. Grab an elegant diamond ring and ask her to be your better half offering the ring with a nice posy of pink and red roses.

People who already have tied a knot, don’t get disheartened thinking there is nothing for you. Get flower bouquet online delivery to propose her again. In this way, you can revere your propose day once again getting back the same love and passion in your bonding.

Day 3: Chocolate Day 


This is when couples get an opportunity to spend the day deliciously. The single guys and girls get mingled on the chocolate day can expect to get a huge bar of dark chocolate from their partners. So you also may order online flower delivery in delhi and present your newly become BF/GF to start this new relationship with lots of sweetness.

The lucky married couples can revel this day sharing hot chocolates or other delectable desserts prepared with chocolates. Make your spouse’s mood offering a box of heart-shaped chocolates and fill more and more sweetness in your relationship.

Day 4: Teddy Day

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Teddy bears are the cutest and popular soft toys. The 4th day of valentine’s week is Teddy Day. On this day couples present each other adorable teddy bears as a pictogram of pamper, affection, and innocent love. Wedded couples can buy the couple teddies for their partners as a sign of being together forever.

Are you going to stay overseas on the entire Valentine Week? Send your cutie pie a big cute teddy with flowers to India so that he/she can hold it whenever he/she will miss you.

Do you know, like roses different shades of teddies convey distinct messages? If you don’t know then here is a quick view for you.

Red: everlasting love

Pink: unconditional love

Orange: secret love

Blue: madly in love with someone

Green: true love

Yellow: break up

Purple: not interested

Brown: disheartened with the partner

White: there is nothing other than friendship

When you are going to buy a lovey-dovey teddy for your loved one, choose it keeping these denotations in mind to portray your emotions properly. 

Day 5: Promise Day

This is probably the most significant day to strengthen your relationship. This is the day to take the pledge of being together till the last moment of life. Obviously, you have started your relationship taking this pledge. But every year on this super romantic day make a new promise to your loved ones and stand by your words forever.

Day 6: Hug Day 

Over the years of being together, many people lose the spark in their relationship. The gap may widen over the time leaving you clueless on how to get back those golden days. If you are also in a similar state and dilemma, this year explore the opportunity to get closer yet again. Give a cosy hug to your partner and make him/her feel the warmth in your relationship over again. 

Day 7: Kiss Day 

A day before the big day, explore the moments of love and togetherness as you are about to offer love to your soul mate when you send Valentines flower delivery. On this day, you do not have to buy anything or do anything special to show your love to your partner. Just be passionate and have a kiss. This always brightens the fire, rouses the desire of being together over and again. 

Now that you have explored various shades just before the big day on 14 February, the romance will kindle yet again as you two lovebirds have some jovial moments in this season of love. 

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