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How To Choose An Amazon Consultant-12 Questions To Ask

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It’s an evident fact since day one, that Amazon highly influences the online marketplace. And we are not at all wrong if we say ‘it is a powerhouse of online sales growth’. Nowadays, the competition on Amazon is becoming quite tough. It depends on you to stand out and ensure enormous attention towards your brand. That’s the point where you need an Amazon consultant. Because they will help in navigating the traffic towards your brand and will have a huge impact on your online sales and brand image.

Now, if you are thinking of how to find a trustworthy and competent consultant for Amazon account management services, then here we have rounded up a list of 12 questions that you need to ask.

In this article, we have gathered the top 12 most important questions to ask when you are hiring a consultant. So, without further ado let’s dive in.

1.   Experience Of The Amazon Consultant:

Why should I hire a consultant when I’m a seller? If this question lingers on your mind here’s what you need to know!

Hiring a consultant will help you change the pattern you were previously following to grow your business on Amazon. Moreover, it will allow you to bang into new strategies to roundly change your existing techniques and enhance your business for the better.

amazon account managerSome of the advantages include:

  • Comprehensive guidance
  • Accurate Reachability Of Product and Services
  • Sales Growth
  • Great Revenue

           Then again, it’s extremely important not to overlook the experience your consultant should possess. If you don’t take this decision wisely you’ll lose a big opportunity coming your way. Referring to Urtasker will help you make the right choice of consultant.

2.   What Amazon Services You Will Get?

As we all know Amazon is a complete and full-blown search engine. It has multiple fields for consultants. Whether it’s PPC(pay-per-click) or SEO(search engine optimization). It allows to focus on what’s leading, and you or your company needs to decide what strategy goes best with your business.

The best holistic distributors will provide you extraordinary services that contain:

  • Managing Your Products SEO
  • Advertising Your Product Using PPC
  • Providing Genuine reviews For Your Product
  • Handling Your Products & Guarantee Positive Shopping Experience
  • Ensuring Offsite Support

What services your business needs absolutely depends on your company. So, before they make any promise, make sure what your best at, and keep pointing questions till you find out if they can offer their best services, if not go on. 

3.   What is Their Success Ratio?:

Everyone wants to grow their business successfully on Amazon and do well in the eCommerce market, this is the reason why they search for the best option with proven success among a pile of suggestions. But the major problem that lies deep in the Amazon market is that even the biggest agencies don’t acquire incredible numbers, and if they say so it’s a lie. There is no short-cut or one-way method of ruling success. Instead, it requires a lot of effort.

Amazon is way more than sales, it’s not about getting high sales in a short span of time but creating a good and everlasting impression is what’s considered essential for future progress. So, search for the company that is able to provide this service.

4.   Does Your Consultant Recognizes Amazon SEO?:

When it comes to providing SEO services, your consultant should have detailed information about Amazon’s search algorithms. Even if your consultant is a pro in several other fields of Amazon, understanding SEO is a must!

Now if you are stuck on this point “ why is it fundamental for a consultant to know Amazon SEO?”

Let us find out the importance of Amazon SEO for consultants:

SEO is the bedrock of Amazon, also it helps in the growth of your product sales. The shoppers who visit Amazon know beforehand what they want. So, if your product isn’t making enough profit maybe it’s because of unoptimized listings. Your shoppers probably couldn’t see your product.

If you have an Amazon seller account, you are most likely to expect the rise of your product demand. You should keep this fact in mind that whether your consultant is a dab hand of  Amazon still he has to know the SEO.

Here are some suggestions that will make your task of finding a knowledgeable SEO  consultant easier.

  • Have Discussions With Them
  • Thoroughly Search Their Portfolio
  • Review Their Testimonials

Before investigating, your Amazon Consultant, you also need to be well-informed about the latest Amazon and google algorithms as both sites keep updating them. So, you and your consultant need to harmonize yourselves with the SEO updates.

5.   How The Consultant Is Going To Serve You?:

Have you ever found yourself tied with a company that is too busy to help you, or not available to you when you need them, or busy with other clients! If that is the case with you then you exactly know where the problem lies, ‘Work delay’. So, you need to know earlier how they are gonna assist you and how they are going to progress. It is effective to select a company that assigns a particular consultant to you, in that case, they will always be available whenever you need them.

Here are some questions you need to ask before hiring anyone:

  • Who Is Your Account Manager
  • How You Will Meet Him In-person
  • If A Problem Occurs, How they’ll Manage To Help
  • What Is The Structure Of Their Account Management
  • How Frequently You’ll Be Able To Meet Your Consultant

 Asking those questions will allow you to select the best Amazon consultant or team to work with.

6.   Is Your Consultant aware of How To Attain The AmazonBuybox?:

As an Amazon seller, it’s of utmost importance that your business attains the BuyBox. Your consultant should know what Amazon BuyBox is, and how they can win it. The ‘BuyBox’ includes a ‘Box’ that holds ‘Add To Cart’ & ‘Add To List’ buttons on the listing of your products. Furthermore, If you are doing an advertisement for your business on Amazon it’s important. And comes up with enormous benefits over other sellers.

7.   What Are The Tools That Your Consultant Is Using For Amazon?:

When you are jobbing with one of the best consultants of Amazon, rest assured! Because they are going to use several tools whether it’s Amazon PPC(pay-per-click), Amazon FBA(fulfillment by Amazon), or Amazon SEO(search engine optimization) to provide you with the best results. It’s useful to know what tools they’re using because they are going to give you access to the reports produced by those tools.

Some tools used by Amazon consultants include:

  • io:  Used For keyword Research
  • AMZ Tracker: For Review Monitoring
  • Jungle Scout: For Competitor Analysis

Keep a check on how your consultant is answering your questions. If he’s well-versed, that means your consultant has a grip on various tools. If he’s less responsive to the chat, you should give it a second thought.

8.   Does Your Consultant Own A Portfolio Of Case Studies?:

It is necessary that your consultant owns an up-to-date and recent portfolio of case studies. Because when you are going to look for a consultant you are going to browse their portfolio. If they are unable to give access to their portfolio of case studies regarding eCommerce they don’t have enough experience.

Having said that, if you are going to research their portfolio, look into  the following domains:

  • Products Successfully Optimized And Promoted
  • Results Such As Sales Hike.

If they don’t have a portfolio of case studies and you are looking forward to working with them, you always ask them to show you some examples.

9.   Does Your Consultant offer Moderate Pricing?:

For any business to flourish, pricing is very important. When you are looking for an Amazon consultant it’s compulsory that you hire someone who meets your budget.

The price of consultants varies from one another.

Sometimes it depends on the services you need, sometimes the consultants share their prices online, and most of the time they request you to discuss the prices in person.

10.               Are They Following True Guidance Of Amazon Optimization?:

There are some practices that are against the recommendations of search engines whether it’s Goole or Amazon. They might carry out your desired results immediately but they are often short-termed. Many times consultants choose black-hat practices such as paying for good reviews or copying someone else’s product description. These wrongdoings may cause a ban on your account.

 That is why I always go for a trusted and reliable consultant.

11.               What Is Their Approach To Consulting?:

While you are going to have a meeting with a firm, there is a critical question you should ask and that is about their perspective about consulting. Because as a client, it is going to have an impact on you & your business in many ways.

There are four points you need to consider before asking about their approach to consultancy:

  • How They Are Going To Manage Your Account
  • Provide Customized Strategy For Your Business.
  • Transparency In The Services They Offer
  • Their Knowledge About Optimizing Products On Amazon

If you consider these factors, you are taking a step forward to choose the best consultant.

12.               What Questions The Agency Is Going To Ask Regarding Your Business?:

When you seek a reasonable consultant you have a list of questions to ask from them. Similarly, you should also expect the agency to ask questions regarding your business so that they can come up with the best marketing solutions and strategies accordingly. It’s not a one-way call or meeting but a mutual discussion to see whether you are a perfect fit for one another or not.

There is no secret sauce in gaining progress and money on Amazon. It has various factors that need to be considered. One of them is hiring the best consultant. If you still have ambiguities we suggest you to go with the right Amazon account management service provider to bring you success.

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