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How to Choose Right Branding Agency

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Choosing a branding agencies for startups or business promotion is a responsible business. It is to this team of specialists that you, in fact, trust the business. No one comes for a design change just for the sake of a desire to change something, they always ask for a solution to the problem – increase sales, increase loyalty, etc. In order for brands to grow and develop, we have compiled a checklist of what to look for when looking for a partner in branding to business owners, brand managers, assistants, and marketing directors.

Agency reputation


The larger the information field about the branding agency, the more likely it is to successfully cooperate with it. Reviews in our field are written extremely rarely, so do not make hasty conclusions about the professionalism of the team if you do not find comments about their work from the words of the client. In this case, it is best to focus on the specialized community.

Ratings and awards

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Participation in festivals and competitions is an opportunity to tell about your cases, to get the approval of industry experts. Participation in almost all competitions is paid, so the presence of awards indicates not only that the branding agency is doing good projects, but also invests in its own promotion.

Participation in professional communities

Participation in professional communities is not a mandatory requirement when choosing a branding agency, but can be perceived as a positive thing. This speaks of the recognition of the company and an increase in its authority in the field. Associations often organize meetings, conferences, round tables to exchange experience and information – this means that the branding agency’s team is constantly improving its qualifications and participating in the development of the community.

And one more lifehack – on the websites of associations there are often average prices for the services of their member agencies. So you can roughly navigate the pricing policy of future partners.

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Speeches and expertise

Speeches at conferences are another opportunity to tell about the team, share the experience with colleagues and strengthen networking. It is at such meetings that you can meet top branding agency employees and get a professional assessment of your task by several companies at once. This is a great opportunity to understand the approach and process of a creative team.

Another way to show expertise and increase awareness is through media publications. This suggests that the company is open to discussions and is ready to share experiences with colleagues and clients.

Website and social networks

The site is the business card of the Branding agency. In most cases, this is where the team tries to realize their creative potential. By the design of the site, you can determine the nature of the company, and understand how comfortable it will be for you to work together. In social networks, you can trace the informal life of the team – get to know each specialist or learn more about the approach and internal processes.


A portfolio is not only about style, but also about the process of work. Pay attention to how the case is described. Does it only talk about design, or is there a strategy block? Based on this, conclusions can be drawn about the agency’s expertise.

From the portfolio, you can find out which industries the creative team has worked with. On the one hand, it is good when there are projects from your area, which means that the branding agency is familiar with the market. On the other hand, many teams are striving to diversify the working field and enter a new niche. Your project for them is a great opportunity to declare themselves in the field, so the branding agency will try even more.

First communication

Response speed

In small and young agencies, there are rarely sales managers who promptly respond to customer inquiries. This is mainly done by project managers or the owners themselves. Because of this, the waiting time can be extended indefinitely. This indicates the absence of well-built processes in the company or its lack of interest in your project.

CP formation

Commercial proposal – the commercial proposal is the first document that you receive from thebranding agency. Please note – it was made formally or it took into account the specifics of your business. With the help of the commercial proposal, you can trace the transparency of calculations and work processes in the company.

Let’s sum up

There is no perfect agency but you can try to work with Halo-lab, where all your preferences will be taken into account, and will do the job well.. There are creative teams that will be able to effectively solve your problem on time and on budget. Don’t treat branding as a cost, it’s a business investment. Accordingly, you need to choose an agency by comparing all the criteria that are important to you.

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