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How to Get Good in Escape from Tarkov

How to Get Good in Escape from Tarkov Trendytarzen. com

It’s no surprise that Escape from Tarkov is one of the most brutal games ever made. So how does a beginner exactly get good in it?

It’s no surprise that Escape from Tarkov has one of the highest learning curves for video games to date. Understandably, first-time players don’t have an easy time getting hang of the basics. With the risk being higher than the reward, there’s a reason why so many gamers are often turned off by the game. It’s a shame. While Escape from Tarkov isn’t a game for everyone, it is a great first-person shooter for those willing to give time to learn its nuances. At its core, EFT is a looter shooter game with whiffs of RPG elements here and there. Set in a fictional city in Russia called Tarkov, players are tasked to escape the warzone that has erupted from the conflict of Western and Russian forces. While escaping, players have the option to get Tarkov items such as Lucky Scav Junkboxes, bitcoin Tarkov, and more. These can be used to upgrade their weapons and avail items from the NPCs in their base. Escape from Tarkov’s goal is pretty simple, but the process of getting to the finish line is what makes it difficult for some people. But with a little bit of advice and tips, players and beginners can improve their skills in escaping Tarkov immensely.

  1. Know Your Ammunition

A player can have all the guns in the game but without ammunition, they’re pretty much all useless. Ammunition can seriously damage other players and opponents so it’s a good thing to always have a sizeable stock. Players can opt to delve deep into the world of ammunition and know more about ballistic specs. It’s worth noting that players can carry different types of ammunition in Escape from Tarkov, with each of them varying in terms of penetration, firepower, and more. Luckily for the players in EFT, ammo can be fairly easy to find especially if they take in a scavenger loot run. These Tarkov items can be found in Lucky Scav Junkboxes as well. Those who would rather spend their time finding more valuable items to trade in can opt to purchase the ammunition from the NPCs littered around their base using bitcoin Tarkov instead.

  1. Learn the Map

A common mistake that’s done by players that are just starting in Escape from Tarkov is that they don’t explore the map for too long. One can’t deny that it’s fun to bounce around the different maps available in the game, but in doing so, a player never really takes the time to learn the map thoroughly. It’s strongly advised that players ought to learn a single map first before moving onto the next one. That way, they’ll be able to memorize all of the hotspots and extraction spots without even having to consult the in-game map that’s shown during the run. Another perk that’s including when learning maps by heart is that players can get to know where the loot locations are. These loots can bring about extracts, stashes, scav pawns, and many more that can be traded in or used to upgrade weapons and equipment. If players want to increase their chance of surviving in a match, then they’ll have to do more than just gloss over the map.

  1. Play Offline

It’s easy to get overwhelmed in Escape from Tarkov, especially for those that instantly go to battle without having a clue of what’s actually going on. Playing offline is the best way to learn everything that EFT offers. From learning the various maps to tinkering with the game’s mechanics, all of it can be done by playing via Offline mode. In Offline mode, players can explore the map that they choose freely without having to worry about facing real opponents. They can also try to figure out the keybinds that they prefer during this time. The combat in Escape from Tarkov is rather tedious and complicated, but by playing in Offline mode first, they’ll be able to adapt easily compared to being pushed into an all-out warzone without an inkling of what’s going on. Think of the Offline mode in Escape from Tarkov as a blank canvas. Players can set the weather to whatever they want, enable the Tagged or Cursed options should they want a challenge, and pick the map that they specifically want to explore. Basically, everything can be customized to their liking. To not take advantage of this feature is simply ludicrous.


Escape from Tarkov is a hard game, that much is true. It’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but those who invest time in it with the know-how of how to make the most out of it will learn to live the hardcore looter shooter. As brutal as the game is, Escape from Tarkov gives its players all the tools it needs to learn the ropes such as how to collect Tarkov items like Lucky Scav Junkboxes and earn bitcoin Tarkov. There’s also the matter of online forums and communities that are more than willing to help newbies. Altogether, so long as players utilize these tools, then they’re sure to have a much more enjoyable time playing Escape from Tarkov. What do you think about the learning curve in Escape from Tarkov? Let us know your perspective about this down below.

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