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How To Increase Business Awareness Using Linkedin?


Many social media networks focus on providing individuals to express themselves, and they come in handy for businesses as well, and they formulate their business marketing plans around them. But there is one social media platform that focuses largely on businesses and professionals. And that platform is – LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a great platform that helps in developing a processional circle, meeting industry experts, finding employees, and promoting the businesses in front of large audiences. It is a powerful networking tool that helps businesses to reach more people. So in case you haven’t yet thought of using this amazing platform, we would recommend you to use this platform. And while you are it, you can add the following points in your social media marketing tactics involving LinkedIn.


LinkedIn Marketing Tips to increase business awareness

LinkedIn already has over 65 million users, which means there is a huge opportunity to establish your brand. Still, at the same time, it also means there is a huge competition on the platform. And hence here are some of the amazing tips that can help gather more audience and enhance brand recognition.

1. Build a captivating company page

Your LinkedIn company page is the most important aspect of your LinkedIn presence or LinkedIn marketing strategies. A lot depends on it, and a lot revolves around it. Whenever a user gets to know about your LinkedIn page, he will visit your page. Hence it is important to have an appealing page. While making the page make sure you optimize it, and by optimizing, we mean to use your brand logo as your display picture, provide the web link of your website so that you can convert your traffic.

While writing the bio, try to provide a well written summarized bio of your brand. Start with introducing your brand, a little explanation about your products, and mention how your products can change the user’s life.

2. Embed Linked posts on your website

As you have the option to provide a website URL on the LinkedIn profile, you also have the facility to embed LinkedIn feed on your website. Although you can achieve it by copying and pasting the embedding code of each post, we recommend that you use tools like social media aggregator for this purpose.

This tool eases your embedding process and provides various other features that add greats value to this strategy. With this strategy, you can increase the visuals of your website and generate awareness about your LinkedIn presence. For example – you can use LinkedIn for a job posting and embed those posts on your website. So visitors who visit your website also have the option to apply for your brand if they are interested in it.

3. Cross-platform promotion

In this age of social media platforms, one cannot stay dependent on one platform for growth and promotion. Hence marketers were quick to find the solution, and that is by showcasing the content from one platform to another, and this is called cross-promotion marketing. So you can even share the posts from your LinkedIn to other platforms and try to grab an audience on these other platforms.

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So even if someone isn’t aware of social media presence, they will be able to see your content and recognize it if you decide to promote your content on other platforms. It will easily help you in gaining more audience.

4. Content is the king.

No matter what platform you use, always remember that content is the king, so keep your content fresh and up to date. Try to follow the trend and keep your content related to it. People usually like to view content that is related to recent topics. So run your creative mind, prepare well thought out content and win audiences.

Summing it up

LinkedIn is one of the influential social media platforms in the business world. It provides a great audience to the brand and eventually helps them to attain some brand recognition. You can utilize the platform to its fullest with the help of the smart strategies mentioned above. And while you are at it, don’t forget to embed them on your website using social media aggregator tools and enjoy great benefits.

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