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How to log in to Wavlink Wireless Router Web


Logging in to the Wavlink router uses an internal web server; no internet connection is required. You only need to connect to the Internet device to connect to the router to log in to the router interface. This connection can be wired or wireless.

1 Connect the power network cable and wireless

Connect the router to the power source, connect the WAN port of the Wavlink router to the Internet, and the LAN port to the local area network to build your own network.

Ordinary PC uses a network cable to correctly connect to any LAN port of the router, and set the PC’s Internet access method to automatically obtain an IP address; devices such as mobile phones connect to the router’s WiFi.

2 Open the router login address

Open the browser (take the IE browser as an example), enter or http:// in the address bar, press Enter; select the language you want to use, and then use admin as the username and password. Then click Login.

3 Create or enter a login password

Then use the default login user name and password of the router; the login password and user name of the Wavlink router is admin. If you set the password and forget it, you need to reset the router.

Tip: If you forget the login password, please click Forgot Password on the login page and follow the prompts to restore the router to factory settings. Once the router is restored to factory settings, you need to re-configure the router to get online.

4 select configuration information

The system will automatically detect the connection method. Please set the relevant Internet information according to the prompts on the page, and click Next. (Refer to the description below for how to access the Internet).

Description of 3 ways to surf the Internet:

1) DHCP automatically obtain an IP address: If the Internet access method is to obtain an IP address automatically, you can automatically obtain an IP address from the network operator.

2) Broadband dial-up Internet access: When you are not using the router, if you need to use the broadband account and password provided by the broadband operator to access the Internet, please select this option.

3) If the connection method is “Static IP”, that is, you have a fixed IP address provided by the network service provider, you need to fill in the IP address, subnet mask, gateway address, and DNS server.

5 Configure wireless information

Modify your wireless name and wireless password according to the prompts on the page. Please remember this information, because you will use it frequently in the future.

6 Complete the login configuration work

Through the above steps, the router configuration and login are completed, and finally we can make detailed settings for other functions through the main menu.

Other references: wireless network connection

Computer: If you need to use a wireless network, you must first make sure that your computer is equipped with a wireless network card, unplug

the network cable between the computer and the router, and then follow the steps below (take Windows 8.1 as an example).

1; click “Start → Control Panel → Network and Internet → Connect to a network” to see the available non-

wire connection.

2; Select the wireless network name of the router set up in the previous step, and click “Connect”.

3; Enter the wireless network password set by the router and click “Next”.

Mobile phone: The mobile phone must have the wireless function enabled.

Android: Turn on your phone, return to the main menu bar, and find [Settings]-select “WLAN” in “Wireless and Network”.

Apple: Select “Settings”-“Wireless LAN” on the main screen, and then turn on the wireless LAN to search for your router’s wireless name connection.

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