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How to Order a Custom Game for Your Needs?


The video game market is becoming increasingly competitive.  And if you haven’t been successful with your product, maybe you should sell it to other people?

 Or let’s imagine another situation – you want to try your hand at development, but start with something that is already ready, having bought the code and only slightly reworking it.  Let’s look 8 sites where you can sell or buy an application.


One of the oldest source code exchanges, with a large selection of Android and iOS applications. Also, on this website, you can buy custom game development services.

Assets and sources for games on Unity, Cocos, BuildBox, etc.


You can sell or buy an application on this large site, which seems to sell everything – the source code of mobile applications, web applications, scripts, themes, plugins, etc.

Another site that sells everything at once is owned by Envato, which maintains several similar sites.  For example, the theme for WordPress was purchased from Envato.

Professional source exchange with a large selection of ready-made applications.  It has over 3,500 ready-made games and applications (albeit very primitive ones for the most part) and even tutorials to help you finish the source code to the desired state.

Six Steps to Create a Mobile Game

 Do you want to know how mobile game development is carried out, and where to start the path to success?  To create a quality game that can become profitable, you need to: study the market and come up with an idea, develop exciting gameplay, choose a platform, create a design, and build an application monetization plan.

 1. Formulate an Idea

 Start working on the idea first, because this important step will contribute to further success.  With a huge number of ideas already implemented in the mobile industry, you need to offer something fresh or provide something already familiar, but in a new wrapper.  The main thing is that it should be addressed to a mass audience for potentially greater profits.  Therefore, do not forget about the people who will play the novelty you have created.

 First of all, decide what kind of you want to develop.  Select the category of and the type of audience you want to target.  What genre will it be: arcade, simulation, action, strategy or RPG?  Do you want to attract young or middle-aged users?  You must find the answer to these questions yourself.

 2. Get involved in the gameplay

 The factor of small dependence on the allows you to retain the majority of users.  There is a proven way to engage in a game – it should be easy and fun, with a gradually increasing level of difficulty.  As a rule, players quite often lose interest in games that are too long, and to feed it, you can use the following tricks: create short levels with a lot of unlockable content, and come up with various bonuses, and secret items.  All in order to keep the user interested in you.

 3. Select platform (OS)

 When developing for mobile devices, you will need to choose a platform.  Usually, the choice of kernel comes down to Android or iOS.  It would be more convenient to simplify this task by moving to a hybrid model, but with cross-platform development, additional costs will need to be taken into account.  Your target market should be the deciding factor here.  Focus on the OS that the most profitable players will use to help prioritize.  If additional costs do not scare you, then support for two platforms at once will be a sure option.

 4. Create a unique design

 Developing a design for is much more difficult than for a regular mobile application.  You need to take into account a thousand nuances, pay attention to details.  Perfection is made up of little things, and sophisticated users will definitely notice this.  As a result, it is a pretty design that can become an original feature that will allow you to stand out in a competitive market.

 5. Plan your monetization strategy

 There are many that don’t make money at all.  But you better plan your monetization strategy before you start development.  Project development can be costly and time-consuming, so you need to have a plan for ROI.  Here are some common ways to monetize mobile:

In-app purchases.  The Freemium model is the most common type of monetization.  Despite the fact that such purchases are only 2% in Android and slightly more in iOS , this is an effective way to generate income.

 Advertising in the application.  Many entertainment apps combine ads with in-app purchases.  This is a great solution since the other methods by themselves cannot bring significant income.  Only here it is important to pay attention to the content of advertising, because if it is not related to your topic, then the results will be unproductive.

 Premium versions.  The Premium model offers a free trial or demo and asks players to pay for continued use.  Of course, you can immediately request payment, but this will significantly reduce the number of purchases.

 6. Order Game Development from Professionals

 The final step to creating a successful product is choosing a mobile development company.  You need a team of experienced developers who have the necessary skills to turn your idea into a profitable business.  Game development is already complex, and the creation of unique and memorable projects requires a professional approach.

Mobile game development specifics

 The gaming industry has provided developers with many useful tools for creating.  3 game engines became popular – Unity and Unreal Engine.


 It is an integrated development environment that offers multi-platform solutions for creating 2D and 3D games.  It includes a huge amount of features, preset models, textures and documentation.  Developers use this environment to create- from simple to Class AAA.  Unity pros:

  •  Creating objects, adding various components to them;
  •  Functional graphics editor;
  •  Built-in Play Mode for fast debugging;
  •  Support for multiple platforms, APIs, and technologies.
  •  unreal engine

 Time-tested game development engine, mostly AAA.  Many world-class games have used it as a basis.  It allows you to create games that will be supported by most platforms and operating systems.

 Unreal Engine offers developers 2 main tools: traditional C++ and blueprints visual scripts that help them quickly understand game logic.  It is designed to meet the needs of both giant and small gaming projects.


 A powerful engine for multi-platform gaming products suitable for any independent mobile game development studio.  Pros of AppGameKit:

  •  Fast compiler, a large number of ready-made solutions for easy development;
  •  Cross-platform;
  •  Built-in game monetization tools.

 When ordering a game, specialists should individually approach each client, which contributes to productive work.  At each stage of creating an application, all the details of its structure and appearance are agreed with the customer, which allows you to get a good result.

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