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How to Protect Every Inch of Your Body from Chlorine Damage

Swimming is fun until it doesn’t damage your body and hair? Chlorine is the most harmful substance that is added to the pools but on the other hand, it is also a preventive substance that saves you from different bacteria and viruses.

Now you might be thinking to avoid attraction with the chlorine but indirectly you are thinking to skip swimming which is probably not a win-win situation for true swim lovers.

So, isn’t it better to protect your body from chlorine damage instead of swimming in chlorine water then how is it possible?

Well, this guide is perfectly designed for you to answer your how?

As there are surely some perfect tips and techniques through which you can protect every inch of your body from chlorine damage. Mostly the hairs are damaged the most and if you are blond-haired then you are most probably infected by the chlorine as the chlorinated water will make your blond hair look green.

Hold on! Don’t get distressed. In the market, you will get many shampoos to remove chlorine from your hair. You can use them but the best is to follow the guide that I have designed for your protection.

So, without further ado let’s categorized the guide into three parts

You have to perform the swimming process according to the guide to protect your hairs, skin, and nails from chlorine, salt water, and sunburn.

Pre swim protection

Skin; your skin is the most diligent and sensitive part of your body so it needs extra care before jumping into the pool or the sea you need to take a cool breeze fresh water shower and remove all the excess dust particles from your skin because if you directly jump into chlorinated water then it will react with your chlorine and cause infections.

Secondly, after having a freshwater shower your skin pores will restore the volume of fresh water and lock the moisture of the skin so there are fewer chances that salt or chlorine may enter your skin pores. Thirdly, always remember to use pre-swim skin products and apply them to your body including sunscreen which will protect your body from the sun. 

Hairs; hairs are also effecting badly due to chlorine, salt, and sun to avoid such a situation I will suggest you wash your hair with fresh water before exposing it to the chlorine, sun, and salt. Also, don’t forget to apply the pre-swim hair masks and conditioner which will lock the moisture of hairs and build a moistening layer on your scalp.  

You can also apply sun protective serums to your hairs as it will also maintain the original color of the hairs and gives you protection from the sun. All these products are available in the market you can get easily at the drug store or beauty-free shops. 

During swim protection 

During a swim, protection is also important because less interaction with the chlorine and salt means less damage so here is the tip why don’t you try to wear the full covered swimsuits and hair camps to protect your skin and hairs from the damage. Some people might feel shy but it’s so far, the best way to save your skin and hair from the damage. 

Commonly one more mistake people done that they apply oil on their skin and hair while swimming if you do so then stop doing this as the oil makes your skin tan and damages your hairs after reacting with the water. 

Post swim protection

Skin; you are the one who has to look after your skin and makes all the necessary efforts to protect it from the sun, salt, and chlorine so nicely washed and well-moisturized skin can only deal with these high substances. You need to make some effort to get out right after your pool or beach party. Immediately rinse all the chlorine and salt from your skin. Use the post-swim scrubs, body wash and face wash to rinse out all the chlorine and salt from your skin.

Secondly, after a wash, you might feel that your skin will feel rough and scratchy because after contacting with the chlorine and salt it vanishes the layer of moisture that we have built on the skin with the help of pre-swim products such as moistures and sunscreen. Now it’s time to restore that moisture by applying the post-swim moisturizer and sunburn creams to your skin. besides that, if you are having any burning effect still after the wash and applying moisture you can also run ice on your infected areas it will also reduce the effect of the burning sensation.

Hairs; Hairs need the extra treatment after interreacting to the chlorine, and salt, and if have blond hair then you need to be more cautious than other. the best is to quickly wash your hair with fresh water after exposing it to chlorine, sun, and salt. Also, don’t forget to use the post-swim shampoos which will peg out all the salt and chlorine from your hairs then use hair masks, and conditioner which will relock the moisture of hairs and rebuild a moistening layer in your scalp.  

Remember to use colour protective shampoos and serums on your hair if you have coloured or blond hair because it will also maintain the colour of the hair. All these products are available in the market you can get easily at the drug store or beauty-free shops. you will get a range of products but the coloured protective products are a bit more costly than the other pre and post-swim products. 

Final words

It will be good to ensure that you have used all the steps during your swimming process. the above-mentioned pre-swim, during a swim, and post-swim guides are specifically designed for your guidance to protect every inch of your body from chlorin, sea salt, and sun. I hope you will follow this guide properly and use the protective products on your skin.  


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