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How to Track Your Ocean Container in Real-Time


One of the best ways to reduce damage and risks associated with the shipment of goods is to track every movement of the shipment. Having a smooth supply chain that provides end-to-end and real-time visibility of the location of your cargo is extremely important. 

Before the introduction of the advanced system, business owners needed to visit the website of the companies or make calls to know the actual location of their cargo. This was not only a complicated but also a time-consuming process. 

Apart from that, the data of the sites sometimes would not be uploaded correctly. This used to lead to inappropriate information regarding the location of the container. However, technological advancements have simplified the tracking methods of containers. 

Advanced Container Tracking System

The emergence of great yangming tracking systems allows business owners to receive live updates regarding the accurate location of their freight. The freight market has thousands of tracking tools that will help you with the real-time tracking of your containers. This way you can your business can easily deal with any possible delays or rerouting. 

However, when you’re choosing a great container tracking system, make sure that it is capable of sending you auto notifications about the changes in shipment status. This way you’ll receive updates each time the cargo achieves a milestone. 

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Some of the Important Status Changes You Should Consider Are:

  • When the container starts the journey from the facility
  • When the container arrives at the terminal and goes through the customs clearance process
  • When the container is loaded on the cargo
  • When the cargo-carrying the container departs from the port
  • When the cargo arrives at the port of transshipment
  • When the carrier leaves the port of transshipment
  • When the carrier arrives at the destination port

Acronyms Used in the Container Tracking

  • ETD: This is known as the estimated time of departure. This term indicates the day on which your container will start its journey from the port of origin. 
  • ETA: This is known as the estimated time of arrival. This term indicates the day on which the container will arrive at the port of destination. 
  • T/S: This is known as transshipment. This term indicates when the container arrives at the connecting point before reaching the port of destination. 
  • POL: As per Allacronyms, this is known as the port of loading. This term indicates where the container is primarily loaded on the cargo or ship. 
  • POD: This is known as the port of discharge. This indicates the port of destination where the container is unloaded from the cargo. 

Numbers You Can Use to Track Your Containers

Two important things will allow you to track your containers. The first one is the booking number of the container number, and the second one is the Bill of Landing number.

Tracking shipment by container number is the most common method. All of the shipping containers are assigned with an alpha-numeric sequence that is known as the container number. This number is unique and associated with only the specific container. Tracking the shipment by container number is one of the easiest methods to know the live location. However, it’s also possible to the shipment by booking number. 


This is how you can track your ocean container in real-time. If you have any questions or queries, make sure you contact us or leave some comments behind in the comment box below. 

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