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How to Use League of Legends Tier Lists to Improve Your Game


Want to use a tier list to up your game in League of Legends, but don’t know how? Well, you’ve come to the right place! 

In the gaming world, a tier list can give you some deep knowledge on how to juice up your inventory when it comes to outranking your opponents. We will provide some of the best ways to utilize your League of legends tier list in this article Anime pfp

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What Is a Tier List? 

Before we go any further, we need to discuss what a tier list is. In the world of PC gaming, a tier list could mean anything from a ranking list of the best CPU to a ranking of the best players, equipment, and even missions. 

But for this particular passage regarding League of Legends, a tier list is best described as a listing of how well suited or able a character or fighter is in the game. 

Many of these lists are ranked in similar ways and can sometimes seem the same. These similarities are due to the tier list being based on reviews and ratings of individual players.

How Does a Tier List Work?

A tier list is created by a ranking system that categorizes each character and places them with others that fit within that category. 

Many methods are used in the ranking process of this game and many filters to help best categorize each character. 

Considerations such as the fighter’s gameplay ability, weaponry, and other statistics are used to filter and place the champions in a category tier that best suits them. 

How Can This Improve My Game?

Now, for what we’ve all been waiting for, how does this help your game? A tier list is essentially a listing of the biggest, badest, and best champions available. Remember that not every character in the tier is equally ranked; they’re just in a category decided to be the best fit.

There are also many tier lists (see to choose from, ranging from the best or top tier that includes lists such as the God tier to lists made up of mainly side characters such as the support tier list. 

Each list has a main, mid, and average category to make it easier to choose which champions best suit what you are looking for, your current ranking, and your preferred gaming style.

These lists can greatly improve your game by enhancing your champion inventory. With so many characters available in League of Legends, picking higher ranked and better characters in battle is generally good, so imagine having them all in one place. 

Not only are you able to choose the best champions to unleash on your enemies, but you are also given statistics on which of these are the best of the best and which you could use for side quests. 

Another way a League of Legends tier list can greatly impact your gaming experience is when choosing a versatile leaguer on the battlefield. By versatile, we mean able to hold their own in battle and do the odd side quest here and there. 

For this, we suggest picking a champion from the “Jungle” list; this is a wild card list and is packed with many strange but capable champions who are able to hold their own.

When choosing a list to better your game, something else to keep in mind is what the character will be used for. Yes, having versatility on your side is a plus, but what about an online tournament or champion trade. 

This is why there isn’t just one list available. When building your champion inventory, it’s important to remember that you’re going to need different class heroes throughout your battle strategy.

Think of it as a team – in your team, you should have a leader, a mastermind, a runt or scapegoat if you need one, a healer, a strategist, and others. Thinking of it in this manner means a better ranking for your profile and many more wins along the way.


League of Legends is an addictive game with many heroes to choose from. These tier lists can be your saving grace by helping you assemble the strongest collection of heroes that match your gaming style. We hope you keep this in mind when dealing with League of Legends tier lists. Follow these simple tips, and you’ll be on your way to the top in no time!

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