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Industrial Insulation: Innovative Ideas and Green Solutions

Did you know that industrial greenhouse gas emissions account for about 23% of total emissions in the United States? That’s the third-largest producer of CO2 after transportation and electricity.

Companies continue to seek out new technology to advance sustainability goals. At the same time, cost-effective green solutions already exist. These innovations can save money and reduce emissions.

It’s no wonder that going green is a growing priority for businesses.

Industrial insulation is a planet-friendly option that lowers heating and cooling costs. Keep reading to learn more about what options are available for your facility.

Why Insulation Is Planet-Friendly

Why is insulation good for the planet? It reduces the amount of energy used. It can save the average homeowner 15% on heating and cooling costs.

Naturally, heat flows from warmer to cooler areas. It tries to correct temperature imbalances between connected spaces.

In a well-insulated house, less air warm air escapes in the winter. The same goes for holding in cool air in the summer.

In an industrial building, internal systems lose energy. Internal components like boilers, valves, and pipes all leak. Poor insulation allows heat to escape from equipment.

This raises energy bills and increases a building’s carbon footprint.

Installing proper insulation can improve energy efficiency. It is used in buildings like hospitals, apartments, and manufacturing facilities. It also improves the building’s appearance and reduces workplace injuries.

Thermal Insulation

So what is industrial insulation made of? The material depends on the system’s thermal requirements.

Thermal insulation works for both high and low temperatures. It can also be removable or permanent.

Insulation materials that can help increase efficiency and lower energy bills include:

  • Phenolic Foam
  • Metal Jacketing
  • Finishing Coatings
  • Thermal Wraps
  • Insulation Blankets

It’s usually best to start your insulation search with a site survey. A professional will examine variables like max surface temperature and heat loss. They will look at factors that impact your bottom line.

A survey will also document the return on investment. This will give you a clear understanding of how insulation will improve your facility and reduce energy bills.

Insulation Blankets

Investing in industrial insulation like thermal blankets (jackets) is an easy green solution. With new technology and easy installation, insulation blankets are rowing in popularity.

Reusable blankets fit securely around equipment. They are also made with high-quality materials that can withstand very high temperatures.

These blankets are tailor-made for industrial systems. They fit over valves, engines, turbines, and heat exchangers. They are also removable and reusable.

This page has more information about how insulation blankets can reduce energy costs.

Green Solutions for a Healthy Planet

Green solutions can immediately improve a building’s energy efficiency. They are also planet-friendly by reducing greenhouse gas emissions like CO2. Industrial insulation is an innovative way to immediately make a difference.

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