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JD Stock Material Center Adds to the Diversified Provisions at the Chinese Online Store


JD Stock Material Center

JDL (JD Logistics) revealed its upgraded logistics network based in Tibet with the help of the local government. On 1st January, the company opened a warehouse and supply centre in Lhasa. It will act as a crucial logistics infrastructure to boost efficiency in the supply chain and, ultimately, in the local economy. The goal was to encourage the growth of agricultural products in the locality.

This move is a huge move for the logistics company in Tibet. The upgraded logistics platform will offer an extensive network in the region. Its provisions include the development of warehouses as well as transport and delivery services. JD Logistics points out that these offerings would cover the whole of Tibet. The company has developed numerous manufacturing warehouses in the area.

JD made this move in support of the farmers and the promotion of product sales. These warehouses would also find a way to simplify the conventional sales channels. They would make a direct uplink with the increasing demand of the market. For instance, Linzhi apples have a unique taste due to their geographical state. Most times, transportation and market challenges affect Linzhi apples.

With the help of the updated logistics network from JD, it is possible for the fruits to get to the countrywide market on the same day or the following day. Other Tibet specialties likely to profit from the emerging logistics center are walnut oil, chili sauce, beers, honey, and mineral water. JD Logistics caters to the delivery of the products, while JD Retail supports internet sales through various JD platforms.

This includes the committed sales Tibet portal from JD that supports the eradication of poverty. On the other hand, the developing multi-level logistics system from takes a crucial role in delivering industrial items. Thanks to the network’s intervention, those in remote areas can access their purchases on-time. The JD logistics system covers 47 districts spread throughout 27 counties.

This region leverages eCommerce to eradicate poverty in Tibet. The network offers a dual-way infrastructure for the transportation of the products. The eCommerce company has also opened a private label brand division, JD Original. This branch has assisted Zhong’ao Food to surpass its sales projections for the previous year.

Through consolidating the alliance, products from Zhong’ao Food have gained popularity among JD clients. These products went on display during promotions. Zhong’ao is a food firm located in Hebei focused on the production of snacks and meals for commercial flights. They provided solutions to these airlines as they encountered major setbacks in production and sales during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The entire airline industry has taken a hit throughout this time. The IATA (International Air Transport Association) notes that between 2019 and 2020, the number of travelers worldwide reduced by 62%. The sales in the air sector went down by 59%. The internet sales from Zhong’ao have gone beyond expectations owing to the company’s relationship with JD.

In August 2020, the food firm made Xiaomahua, a fried snack that is gaining popularity. It is available for purchase on one of the private label stores from JD, Huixun. Consequently, 80,000 units of these meals were sold during its release month. By November 2020, the number got to more than 200,000. Currently, between 60% and 70% of the products from Huixun have been made by Zhong’ao.

There has also been an increase in brand awareness for JD, which has seen Zhong’ao establish partnerships with other brands. Zhong’ao and Daoxiangcun have allied and are expected to work together on better provisions. Daoxiangcun is a renowned snack business based in Beijing.

Background Details has launched the first channel, JD Stock Material Center, to assist traders in accessing royalty-free fonts and images. JD Stock Material Center relied on AI tech to automatically spot images and texts.

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