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The Lesser-Known Gems on Alternative Streaming Services in 2021


When it comes to Streaming Movies Or TV shows: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney Plus are the platforms that pop up instantly. While Netflix is solely dedicated to delivering Movies and Web series from all across the globe right at your home, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime have gone a step ahead and have made sports Streaming a lot easier too. 

In order to provide the best user experience and quality content, they even produce movies or shows of their own. However, you might like to consider some other platform if you want to spice things up a little bit. 

While these streaming platform giants have all sorts of movies and series available in high quality, if you’re looking for something truly authentic and local, you might have to look outside the box. You can find different platforms solely devoted to Horror films, old movies, etc. you can also tune into the ScreenBinge international channel guides that will help you get access to a ton of underrated content and services.

Some of the best Alternative Streaming Services are


This Media Streaming Platform is dedicated to old movies. If you are a fan of old movies you’d probably like to check out their collection of classics and critically acclaimed movies. 

Some new movies do make it in here but the quality isn’t compromised. Another thing that makes it unique is, films on the website stay on service only for 30 days. 

Mubi is available on iOS, Android, and some web browsers. It can also operate on Apple TV, Chromecast, FireTV, and some gaming consoles. And costs around $10.99 per month. 


Shudder can also be considered as a library for Horror Movies. If you want to introspect the frightens you can handle, Shudder might be a go-to platform for you. 

Scanners, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, etc. are some of the hits their library consists of. It can be accessed across various platforms like iOS, Android, Roku, Chromecast, or AppleTV. Its monthly plan costs only $4.99 a month. 


Crunchyroll is another streaming service that is dedicated to Anime and Manga. This platform also has a dedicated section featuring Japanese TV Shows. This platform has an amazing free plan, a lot of perks but with a few limitations. 

Like the episodes can be streamed one week after they are aired live. And the maximum resolution you can use is 480 Pixels. Even though this is a good enough deal for any Anime fan, they have paid plans too which costs $7.99 per month. Crunchyroll is available on Chromecast, iOs, Android, and some gaming consoles too. 


FuboTV is a great platform to stream live sports. It is likely the only sports-centric streaming service. The website has endless Soccer content, so, if you are a die heart fan of Soccer and can’t access international games, FuboTV is an excellent option. 

Its subscription costs $59.99 monthly with 70 channels and $79.99 per month for more than 120 channels. 

BFI Player Plus

BFI stands for British Film Institute. As it is apparent from the name, this is the British Film Institute’s Streaming Platform. Its subscription plan offers access to 300 films, a mix of old and new classics. 

This isn’t a recommended streaming site as Android users might face issues, but is available on the iOS App for Apple users. The subscription charges are £4.99 per month. 


Hayu is a Media Streaming Service dedicated to reality TV Shows, mostly for UK viewers. Some of the shows they feature are The Kardashians, The Real Housewives, Below Deck, etc. 

The subscription fee is £4.99 per month. 

It is well supported on iOS and Android Apps along with the usual Web Browser. 

There are several more Video Streaming Services like Paramount Plus, Apple TV Plus, HBO Max, etc that you can look into.


Although streaming giants like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney Plus, etc. are dominant in the market, there are numerous underrated media streaming services. Not anywhere close to user interface and experience like these giants for obvious reasons but can be preferred for casual viewing.

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