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Kratos Shield: A Vigorous Weapon of God Of War | Top 6 Facts and Abilities

kratos shield

We all know the Viking’s Daddy, Kratos is the God Of War. A powerful character with an enormously powerful inventory added with an unbreakable Kratos Shield, of its own including blades, spears, and mighty abilities. The guardian shield is one of Krato’s most powerful weapons which is used both for defensive as well as offensive attacks when combined with punches and Blades of Chaos.

Every God of war series got popular in its own timeline but the indestructible shield remains a unique part of Kratos which makes it worth-reviewing.

Let’s see what this amazing shield is capable of and explore different versions of it in this virtually indestructible armor.

Skills / Abilities Kratos Shield:

With the unlocking of Kratos shield, our guardian gets an incredible defensive power against enemies. Many such amazing skills related to the Guardian Shield then can be unlocked with the levels including counter attacks, move-sets, and many more.

Top Skill-Set and Abilities of Kratos Shield (Guardian Variant)

Kratos Shield

Following are some of the Dynamical abilities equipped by Kratos Shield and explained how to use these 

  • Block Break: 

The enemy attack blocker can be equipped by using L1 on the controller. Just double tapping over the L 1, the block breaker attack will then be used.

  • Countering Strike

Another offensive ability combined with the defensive blocking attack with the Kratos shield. Tap R1 immediately before ceasing the block to counter strike the enemy with the strong shield strike. It is a useful ability to get over your enemies.

  • Countering Crush :

Another offensive attack with the Kratos shield slam. The R2 button is pressed after the blocking, in the last second so that the counter-attack on the enemy can be done.

  • Countering Blast :

Amazing ability, the countering blast is a heavy-duty counter ability of Kratos shield. When the enemy uses the projectile attack on the Kratos, this ability is exerted and fires back the project striking towards the attacker, ah incredible? 

  • Guardian Sweep:

To use the guardian sweep, just hold R 1 while standing still. It will sweep all the enemies near you and throw them away with a low rate of destructive damage.

  • Guardian’s Justice:

Before performing the shield slam, while barehanded, hold R2 to use Guardian’s Justice with Kratos shield. It will affect heavy stun damage on the enemies.

  • Judgment Ability :

Immediately after the Guardian’s Justice shield striking slam, add a destructive blast on the enemies that will deal with an influential damage press R2.

  • Agile Strike :

A quick damaging attack while evading the enemies, hold the stick L and press R1. This ability can be performed with the guardian shield while barehanded.

  • Haymaker Crush :

Press R1 while sprinting to release a powerful haymaker attack.

  • Shoulder Barrage :

 While sprinting Bare-Handed, Press R2. Pressing R2 will enable you to perform a powerful shoulder strike attack with the Kratos shield that made them throw away.

  • Guardian’s Revenge:

Within the pauses of BareHanded attacks, you can switch the stances, After switching to a new stance immediately press R1 to release a dashing uppercut, and again pressing will then release a follow-up shield slam.

  • Guardians Fury:

Similar to Guardian’s revenge attack, while switching to a new stance, this time press R2 to perform a leaping shield strike. So, You can also press R1 to strike a slam attack as a follow-up addition.

Kratos Shield Facts:

Guardian Variant of Kratos Shield is a powerful armor of Kratos and a dominant weapon against enemies. Check the facts below to get a review of the facts of Kratos shield:

  1. The Guardian shield was given to Kratos from Laufey, his beloved wife on the anniversary of the night both met each other.
  2. One of the unbelievable facts of the Kratos shield is that it enables the user to unlock all the abilities just by using the default player, as there is no need to upgrade.
  3. A fantastic weapon of Kratos was the Golden Fleece which was then replaced by 

the guardian Kratos shield. The Golden fleece was long ago destroyed.

  1. It can absorb enemies’ attacks and spells as Golden Fleece was used.
  2. The shield can deflect the projectiles attacks back to the attackers.
  3. Kratos shield is seen as more effective when combined with other weaponry like blades.

Sun Shield is the variant of Kratos shield also known as the shield of Gods. An incredibly powerful and virtually omnipotent shield. The shield was obtained in the Temple of Helios.

Kratos Shield in Fortnite:

Our boy, Kratos, the God of war, is also seen in the Battle Royal. The skin is equipable but most users find it hard to get the Kratos skin as others. 

Kratos skin on Fortnite also has the Kratos shield which can be equipped you can’t use the abilities such in the God of War game but it is a playable character on the fortune battle royal. 

For just 2,200 V-bucks, the Kratos skin can be unlocked. Kratos was also referred to as the best hunters across all realities.

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