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Do you know what the top three search engines in the world are? Many can correctly guess Google at number one and then struggle. Others would assume Bing and Yahoo are second and third but not be sure in what order, but it’s actually not true. It’s YouTube and Facebook, with Facebook alone counting for as many as one-quarter to one-third of the links directing online traffic.

In short, your business has to use social media tools if it wants to expand. In fact, in a competitive sector, they’re necessary just to stay afloat.

Why Use Social Media Tools?

Social media marketing is an essential marketing tool that optimizes your online presence and connects you with customers. This can happen through social media platforms using content like discussion boards, podcasts, videos, and many others. This content can be optimized for search engine indexing and improved site ratings.

Effective Social Media Tools You Can Use

There are many tools you can use, but knowing where to start can be hard. The following are a handful of the best tools to get you going:

Animoto Standing: Some social media platforms rely heavily on visual media. Snapchat and Instagram are certainly two prime examples. Animoto can help you with the creation and distribution of video content. It has lots of effective templates, stock music, and even text overlays.

Venngage: Infographics can be truly engaging content, but creating them takes time. You need properly sourced data, an eye-catching design, and a good post to partner up with it. This social media tool is useful in streamlining the process of creating this kind of content. Put together presentation slides and infographics that match your brand style.

Quuu: While you want social media tools that help you grow your business, it’s not always about selling you or your products and services. Sometimes, you need to listen and share things that your followers find valuable. Much as they may love you, your group of followers doesn’t want an incessant stream of just content about you. Rather, they want to be entertained, informed, humored, and given tips, ideas, and education. Quuu lets you curate high-caliber content from all over the Internet in order to make your social media stream a diverse and intriguing place for followers to be.

How Can NetbaseQuid Help You Out?

Anything that can help you find more productivity on social media can be a really smart investment. While social media tools can help you save time on your social media marketing efforts, NetbaseQuid can take it off your plate completely. Rather than spend less time on your business trying to master something you’re not an expert in, let industry professionals flex their expertise and advanced technology for you instead. You’ll not only save time, but also money, as you won’t have to pay so many people internally to handle this.

In Conclusion

Social media is a communications medium you can use to encourage visits to your website and business. Make sure that you keep adding content on a regular basis to keep customers and clients coming back for more. Use the right social media tools to make your life easier, or just hand it off to the professionals of NetbaseQuid.

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