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Leveling Up: 7 Coding Projects for Beginners That Actually Work

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 Coding is a skill that anyone can learn. It just requires lots of practice. These coding projects for beginners give real results to measure your progress.

 A lot of people now see coding as a potential career alternative. It’s a reasonable position since areas like web development will see a projected 8% growth in the near future. Competent coders often enjoy excellent salaries as well.

Of course, there is a long road between deciding you’ll learn to code and locking down that first developer job. You must develop competence in several coding languages for one thing. Developing that competence requires learning more syntax and for-while loops.

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You must develop that competence with coding projects for beginners. The upside of these projects is that you get a code portfolio. You’ll need that even with coding jobs for beginners visit

Before we jump in with the actual projects, let’s take a little time to make sure you’ve got the right resources at hand.

Getting Started

As a general rule, there is a low bar for entry into the world of coding. You don’t need a lot of expensive equipment. You can get started without going to college.

Starting your coding journey does require some basic resources. You’ll need a functional computer or ready access to someone else’s. Self-taught coders often learn coding languages with online learning resources, such as:

  • freeCodeCamp
  • Codecademy
  • Coursera
  • Udemy

You will also need a tool for writing code on your PC, Mac, or Linux machine. Some of the more popular choices include:

With these basic resources, you can get moving as a coder.

1. Build a Small Website

For anyone interested in front-end development, a basic website is almost always the first project they take on. This makes a good project because you can use it to challenge multiple coding skills satellite internet vs cable.

You can use pure HTML for a bare-bones site. That lets you test your knowledge of HTML headings, elements, and links.

You can step it up a notch by building the site with CSS as well. This lets you create a more visually appealing site. It also lets you build a responsive site that scales for the screen size.

You can even practice your JavaScript skills by adding some interactivity on the site.

2. Calculator

A calculator is a basic project in most coding languages. It makes you think in terms of functions, inputs, and outputs. It also makes you work with arithmetic operations, which is a key coding skill.

A good project also includes a visual interface that lets users treat the program like any other calculator. This sharpens your visual design skills.

3. Weight Conversion App

This is another project that makes you work with arithmetic operations based on user inputs. Of course, it also makes you think about design issues like how it displays on different screen sizes.

A good weight conversation app should minimally include a pounds, kilograms, ounces, and grams. It should also display well on a desktop, tablet, or phone.

4. Random Quote Generator

Random quote generators show up pretty frequently as a beginner coding project. It lets you play with random functions, which is another common coding task.

It also lets you practice using libraries like jQuery to simplify your code. You can also play around with a front-end framework like React. Since frameworks enjoy so much popularity, you should learn how to use them on easier projects like a random quote generator.

If you want to take things to the next level, you can even build a database of quotes. This pushes you to think in terms of both front-end and back-end development.

5. Basic Social Networking Site

A social networking site challenges several essential skills for the budding coder. One of the most important skills you work on is database creation. While many coding projects focus heavily on front-end development, this forces you to work with back-end development.

It’s a great way for you to hone your PHP skills or advance your Ruby-on-Rails learning. It also makes you consider issues like data security, profile management, and site design.

6. Participate in an Open Source Project

You can find countless open source projects with a basic web search. The guiding light for open source projects is that they remain free for everyone. Since no one makes any money, anyone can participate.

You can search for open source projects that use a framework with which you want more experience. Alternatively, you can look for projects that pique your intellectual curiosity.

Many open-source projects house their source code on GitHub. Many people get their start in open-source by searching through the bug reports for these repositories.

Then, you look for a workable fix for the bug. Find one and you can add that fix to the code. Plus, you get some credit.

7. Chess Game

Chess games are the heavy hitters of coding games for beginners. Beyond the visual interface, you must deal with the logic behind 32 individual pieces moving around 64 spaces.

This project takes you beyond basic arithmetic operations. You’ll need some fairly complex algorithms for a novice if you want the game to operate properly.

Save this one for last.

Why Coding Projects for Beginners Matter

Coding projects for beginners matter because they take you out of the land of theory. While you must know the proper syntax for a JavaScript for-loop or a Python while-loop, that information often exists in a vacuum.

You need projects as a way to connect that theoretical information to real-world applications. Knowing the procedure that lets you build a web form doesn’t matter until you must connect that web form to a server.

Knowing that you can scale images with CSS doesn’t mean much until you see how that scaling affects images on actual devices.

Coding projects let you draw those connections between the theory and practice of coding. Plus, they build a portfolio of work that you can show potential employers.

Looking for more tech-related information or tips? Check out the tech section on this website.

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