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Living in Manhattan: Dream or Problem

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It’s hard to find a tourist who hasn’t heard of Manhattan in his life.  This word is associated with the centre of luxury, business, and successful projects.  But it’s not just an illusory dream for many people, it’s a New York City neighbourhood visited by millions of tourists every year.  Almost all of New York City’s attractions are concentrated in this area, including Times Square, the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, and the United Nations Headquarters.  There have even been movies made about some places in Manhattan, such as The Wolf of Wall Street starring Leonardo DiCaprio.  It seems that everyone who has been to the area at least once has written their name in U.S. history.  So it’s no wonder that millions of people dream about apartments in Manhattan.  For the residents of this neighbourhood, an apartment in the heart of New York City is already a symbol of their success and motivation to work even harder.

The advantages of living in Manhattan

An apartment in Manhattan is already an accomplishment that sounds like a great asset to anyone.  But there is much more to this neighbourhood than just its tourist appeal and popularity:

  • Manhattan is one of the safest places in New York City.  Previously, in the late 20th century, it was considered a criminal and dangerous place.  But now all that has changed: the area is considered one of the 10 safest places in the United States.
  • High income is also one of the advantages of living in Manhattan.  Many of those who live here work nearby in financial and office centres.  And since wages in the area are 10-15% higher than elsewhere in the U.S., it motivates you to make every effort to be among the happy workers.
  • Another advantage is the opportunity for cultural recreation right outside your home.  Manhattan is the centre of museums in New York: the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Frick Museum are just some of the most famous museums in the United States located in the area.
  • Who works hard rests hard.  In, this golden rule becomes a reality, because this area is not only the financial centre of New York City but also the centre of entertainment and nightlife.  

Meetings with friends, the most famous restaurants of different countries, nightclubs – this is what Manhattan offers its residents.


What are the dark sides of Manhattan you must be prepared for?

Manhattan is not a perfect fairytale to live in.  Like everywhere else, it has its flaws and surprises that you must prepare for.  The first and biggest drawback is the prices.  Rent on apartments sometimes exceeds the average U.S. prices by 5 times, regular coffee costs $2 more than in other areas, for transportation, especially cabs, will have to overpay.  The reason for this is the tourist popularity of Manhattan.  Therefore, only very rich and well-to-do people can afford to live in this neighbourhood.

 Another unpleasant surprise is the crowds and queues.  Queues are becoming synonymous with the word.  Because of the constant flow of tourists, you have to wait everywhere: in cafes, in stores, in museums, on the street.  So if you like comfort and peace, life in Manhattan is definitely not for you.

 Many people move here with the hope of finding a prestigious job and earning millions.  But the competition here is one of the biggest in the United States.  More than 8 million people live in New York City alone.  Also, a lot of workers come to Manhattan from other states to try to find high-paying jobs.  So the likelihood of implementing a plan to live and make a lot of money in Manhattan is not very high.

 Still, these disadvantages don’t apply to everyone.  There are many success stories of people making millions and enjoying every day because of their determination, persistence, and creativity.  And even those who don’t make millions can afford to live if they know money-saving tips.  So living in Manhattan is easier than you think.  The main thing is the desire and the effort to fulfil that desire.  And then everything will be possible.

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