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Mobile Game Development Outsource: Find A Perfect Destination

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Mobile Game Development Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a popular measure that companies have been undertaking since 1989 and that continues to bloom in 2022. This is a business model that implies hiring third-party providers to perform tasks that companies’ in-house teams are either unable or unwilling to perform. 

Let’s take a look at the benefits of the outsourcing model on the example of mobile game development, see why Ukraine is a perfect country to outsource, and how to choose a reliable vendor company.

Reasons To Outsource Mobile Game Development 

We’re starting with the benefits outsourced mobile game development will bring to your company.

Cutting Costs

The major reason to turn to outsource mobile game development revolves around cost-efficiency. Companies choose to outsource to cut costs on hiring new staff, salaries on their personnel, overhead, technology, and equipment.

Focus On Integral Tasks

The fact you have an in-house IT team doesn’t mean it’s idly passing the working days. For sure, they’ve got plenty of tasks to focus on. By outsourcing mobile game development, you spin off less critical or more effort-consuming tasks letting your team focus on their core responsibilities. 

Fresh Ideas

Some offshore mobile game developers already have a set of fresh ideas they’re waiting to implement. Connecting to a third-party development team, you’re more likely to satisfy the ever-hungry audience of players without exhausting the creative muscles of your team. 

Peace Of Mind

Outsourcing mobile game development allows you not to worry about hiring new staff, meeting deadlines, and possible delays. Major outsourcing agencies offer full-cycle development meaning they lead your project from scratch and ensure post-release support. 

What Makes Ukraine A Perfect Outsourcing Destination

In search of a perfect offshore development destination, Western-based companies should primarily focus on Ukraine. We have at least 5 reasons to back up the image of Ukraine as a worthy mobile game development destination


Ukrainian mobile game development teams charge favorable hourly rates that start from $20-30 and stretch depending on the project’s complexity, candidate’s expertise, and programming language they utilize. By hiring developers from Ukraine, you reduce mobile game development cost without risking the quality of a final product. Lower prices are explained by lower standards of living in the country

Excellent Talent Mapping

Apart from self-made techies, Ukraine produces the greatest share of IT graduates among CEE countries — around 16.000 graduates annually. This makes the country a prominent player in the global IT services market with a vast talent pool.

Ukraine Is Trusted By Global Tech Heavyweights

Ukraine is home to over 110 R&D centers for global tech heavyweights such as Microsoft, Apple, Wargaming, Skype, Oracle, and others. This is a positive indicator that local development teams are on the same wavelength with clients from the US and Western Europe.

Good To Fluent English

Ukrainian IT specialists have a grasp of English enough for overcoming the language barrier and dealing with English-speaking clients. They learn the language to skyrocket their chances to get hired compared to English-illiterate colleagues. 

Cultural Compatibility

By outsourcing mobile game development to Ukraine, you gain confidence in the commitment to the process. A dedicated development team from Ukraine is goal-oriented and focused on reaching excellence in the project they develop. 

How To Find A Reliable Outsourcing Vendor: Top Tips

Finding a reliable offshore partner can be a tricky business, especially if you don’t know what factors to consider. Thankfully, we prepared a few effortless ways to pick the best outsourcing team. 

Define Your Goals

Set high-level requirements and specific goals for a vendor and a final product. Set clear metrics and avoid general statements (not “increase our profit” but “increase our profit to a certain level”).

Choose Established Providers 

Make sure a company has experience in mobile game development and can introduce a few successful projects. Ask for relevant case studies and references from previous clients. Conduct independent research even before you contact a company’s representative 

Pick The Right Sized Team

Unless your mobile game is so complex that can capture the provider’s full attention, don’t opt for the biggest provider. You will be charged more for the company’s reputation and good name. If possible, select smaller but still reliable teams. They are often more considerate in pricing more flexible and diligent.

Communication Is A Key

The initial communication is a strong predictor of a quality of a future collaboration. Clear communication and ensuring a vendor’s company firmly understands your goal is paramount. Clearly decide on the frequency of reports and communication channels. 

Consider A Test Project

If the qualification of a vendor’s company seems questionable, suggest a small test project on a paid basis. This is a great way to evaluate the fit before jumping into long-term commitments.

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