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Moving Valuable Items Can Be Rather Tricky


Moving is generally regarded as an absolute nightmare, but with the help of reliable movers in NYC, it can be managed well through adequate preparation. Most people tend to go into the process with a negative mindset, and that alone is one of the reasons why most people tend to have nightmarish moving experiences.

On the other hand, adequate preparations will make the whole experience seamless. Never treat moving as a one-day process. Moving is a long, fairly complex process that starts the very day you decide to leave your current place of residence for a new place. The process lasts up until the day you settle in your new home.

What’s in a moving plan?

Many people tend to falter in the planning part. It’s easy to assume that everything will come together on the last day. The reality is quite the contrary! Take your time to jot down every aspect of the move to ensure that you’re well prepared for it: packing, transport, labor, unpacking, cleaning, tanzohub etc.

A plan, however, is only as good as its execution, thus, it becomes important to have a plan that is not too hard so that you are most likely to execute it with ease. One of the best ways to do this is to create a plan with a timeframe, this will enable you to complete tasks without a lot of pressure.

Worried about your valuables?

You should rightly be! So much can happen during moving that can threaten the security and integrity of your valuable items. This extends from transit damage to theft itself, especially if the valuables are common knowledge to people outside.

Moving valuable items is an extreme sport. Unlike the other regular items, they can be really difficult and expensive to refurbish in case of damage or, perhaps, even impossible to do so. As such, it’s better to secure them in every possible way and avoid having to look for damage control solutions later on. Here are a few tips to help you move your valuables safely and securely.

List down all your valuable items

The first thing you should do when moving valuable items is to ensure that you have the accurate number of items you deem to be valuable. Most people tend to have problems when it comes to a clarification of value. Personal valuation is the best way to go when it comes to categorizing your stuff. This can be based on actual monetary value or a sentimental one. Whichever way, such an inventory will provide a starting point for the handling of what you consider as valuable.

Go through your entire house, checking for anything you deem valuable to prevent anything from being left out. Once you find something valuable, add it to the list. This information will make it relatively easier for you to decide on the best method to move the valuable stuff.


Have an elaborate plan specifically for your valuable items

This is very important when you are moving your valuable items as it will help you ease the stress that comes with moving. Once you have an exhaustive list of all the things you deem valuable in your house, it is important to start planning on how the valuable items should be handled during the move. They are most likely trendytarzen going to be different, and they should be planned for based on this. Each item should be adequately prepared, packed, and transported depending on its size and nature e.g. a valuable chandelier, a valuable grand piano, and a valuable diamond necklace. Valuables often require special baddieshub handling that comes at additional costs, so be prepared to receive a corresponding bill.

Handling Jewellery

Genuine jewelry can be really expensive, with some pieces of jewelry costing millions. Damaging or losing it is, therefore, out of the question. Jewelry should be handled with the highest degree of care as most pieces of jewelry are fragile. The best option when it comes to jewelry is to pack it in a jewelry box that is both shock-resistant and secure. Putting your jewelry in storage will put your goods at a higher risk of being stolen. If the pre tag is quite high, it’s better to entrust the jewelry with security companies or keep it close to you. Moving companies often cater to such special packages, so you can make use of them to transport your valuables under full insurance.

Handling fine art

Fine art is very expensive, and great care should be taken when moving it. While there are indeed art thieves, the greatest threat to your art is handling damage. Ensure that the artwork is packaged well in specially designed pouches, also known as custom crating. Crates are very safe, designed to withstand heavy impact forces without any effect on the contents. Before putting the art pieces in crates, also make sure you wrap it with plastic to prevent moisture problems. Alternatively, foil paper and plain paper can be used to wrap art pieces to avoid scratches, ink smudges, and deformations depending on the specific form of art being transported.

Stay safe!

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