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Not Just A Digital Coin: Understanding the Types Of Crypto

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When Bitcoin, the first-ever established digital coin, was launched back in 2009, the technology didn’t have much, or even any, competition in the market as it’s a whole new thing that no one knows anything about. However, as the years went by, Bitcoin gained a massive following, and it steadily grew as time went by, but new types of cryptocurrencies started to emerge as competitors. As the blockchain technology, which Bitcoin was built on, gets adopted by the competitors, they’ve managed to build their own platforms and currencies.

In 2021, there are around a thousand different coins circulating the market, and while each of them was designed to provide unique functions or features compared to others, most of them are created based on the same principles that established the first-ever digital currency. As the crypto space grows larger, you should broaden your knowledge as well, so keep reading to know about Digital Coin differences between different types of digital currencies

The Different Types of Crypto

Though there are thousands of different cryptos in the market right now, the different types of digital currencies typically fall into either of the two categories. One of which is the Coin, which includes Bitcoin and all the other alternative coins in the market, and the other is the Tokens, which are assets that are programmable that reside at a particular platform’s blockchain. Though the majority of people use the words coins, tokens, and cryptos interchangeably, it’s essential to know and understand how they differ from one another.

When it comes to buying the various types of crypto, the most convenient way is to do it all in one place. That’s why people opt for trusted platforms like Bitcoin Profit. Although it has BTC in its name, it boasts a wide range of cryptocurrencies from Ethereum to Dogecoin.

Tokens Vs Crypto Coins

Though they provide dissimilar functions, crypto coins and tokens are still considered forms of cryptocurrency. In general, coins are digital assets that are built on their own blockchain, and they are typically for the intention of being a form of currency; take Ethereum, for instance, Ether is based on its own Ethereum blockchain. Moreover, when it comes to altcoins, it’s typically any digital currency that is blockchain-based that is not Digital Coin.

Alternatively, Tokens are relatively similar to crypto coins as it’s also built on an existing blockchain; however, tokens are not considered to be digital currencies but as programmable assets instead, and they allow the creation and execution of smart contracts that are unique regardless. Smart contracts are made to establish proven ownership of particular assets outside the blockchain’s network. Moreover, tokens are also made to represent units of value, and this includes real items in the world such as money, points, coins, digital assets, electricity, and many more, which can be sent and received.

How Altcoins Differ From Bitcoin

The word altcoin started out as a shorthand for an alternative to Bitcoin, since Bitcoin was the first-ever established cryptocurrency that was released Digital Coin to the public back in 2009, and most of the altcoins were made to improve what Bitcoin was lacking in some way. However, similar to Bitcoin, the majority of altcoins have a limited supply of coins that can only come into existence, which creates a significant demand to reinforce the value of the asset. Bitcoin, for instance, has a limited supply of 21 million coins, which means that there’s only a total of 21 million coins that would come into existence; reaching the limit would mean that there will be no more coins to mine for Bitcoin.

Though most of the alternative coins are made on the basic principles, framework and share some of the characteristics of the original Digital Coin, each one of them offers investors something different from the other. For instance, some altcoins offer a different process to validate and produce transaction blocks to be added to the blockchain, and there are some that offer unique features and advantages like smart contracts or lower volatility rates for their market value of Digital Coin.

Final Thoughts

Since Bitcoin was the first-ever Digital Coin that was released to the market, it launched a craze that caught the attention of many investors. Today, there are now thousands of different digital currencies for investors to choose from or want to learn about. However, if you’re venturing into the Digital Coin space and plan on investing, you must remember the difference between real currencies and cryptocurrencies; one can be used as a means of exchange for goods and services, while the other can serve numerous purposes of Digital Coin.


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