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Youtube is such an enormous part of our modern society. Youtube downloader for android phone is an app for those who love watching and sharing youtube videos. The best thing about downloading applications or platforms is that the video can be downloaded in good quality and in different resolutions and formats. Youtube downloader for Android also allows multiple video downloads at one time which is surely a great feature for an android downloader.

Table of content:

  • Introduction
  • Online Youtube downloader for Android
  • How to download videos on Android and an iPhone from YouTube? 
  • The best tool
  • Wrap Up

Most of the amazing tools like Btclod are free to use, and these online tools facilitate you in downloading any content from youtube.

Usually, many people find it difficult to have an online youtube video downloader for Android. And most of them get disappointed. There are so many android apps that only waste your time and money. Most of the time, these apps deluge your mobile with irritating ads and add no value to your youtube watching experience.

This article gives you a good idea in finding the right tool that allows you to have all of your favorite youtube music videos on your device. So whenever you are visiting areas where internet connections are unreliable and slow, you would still be able to enjoy your favorite music.

In order to have a seamless music streaming experience, it is very helpful to extract audio files and listen to your playlist completely offline. Youtube users may find a viable solution to download videos on EarthWeb. Now let’s talk about some of the best youtube downloader apps for your mobile device that lets you extract audio from youtube.

How to download videos on Android and An iPhone from YouTube? 

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Suppose you want to download youtube videos for offline playback on android devices. The information below should apply. 

Youtube is an incredible application for watching and sharing recordings, yet imagine a scenario where you need to download them to your telephone. Having recordings downloaded onto your telephone implies that you can watch them at whatever point you need, regardless of whether you have no admittance to the web. 

There are three principal strategies for downloading youtube recordings on your gadgets. 

  • Premium Sign up

You can sign up for a paid subscription to Youtube to download videos, enjoy ad-free video and youtube music premium access, which is essential for the premium version of youtube. It offers a one-month free trial. If you have youtube premium, then downloading videos is as simple as clicking the download button.

Downloading videos using the official youtube app is very easy. Go to the Youtube app, find the video that you want to download, tap download and choose the quality option, such as 360p or 720p. Then enjoy your content offline.

  •  Use a third-party app:

There are other ways to download youtube videos. Simply download an app like youtube downloader. You just need to search for the video you want to download, select the format like mp4 for video or mp3 for the audio file, and hit download. Depending on the type of application you use, the video will be available to watch offline.

  •  Video download onto your laptop/pc and transfer the file:

One can easily download without much of a stretch Youtube recordings on your PC or pc utilizing various youtube downloader sites. Basically, reorder the video URL into the webpage, pick the nature of the video, press convert, and download. The video will be downloaded onto the PC as an MP4 record. Then, at that point, you can plug your phone into your PC and move the record you need on your mobile phone. Once the transfer is complete, the file can be found on your mobile device.


Btclod is absolutely free to use online. This website collects personal data about visitors to its website. is an online youtube downloader that facilitates you to download any content from youtube. You can download anything from youtube, whether audio, MP3, playlist, or video. Whatever it is that you need from youtube, this downloader tool will get it for you with its advanced capabilities. Without a doubt, it is the best youtube downloader around. Youtube audio downloader supports only four audio formats, MP3 in MP3/WAV, container PCM audio in WAV container.

Features of

  • Btclod youtube video downloader
  • Youtube playlist downloader
  • Lightning-quick download
  • Youtube audio downloader
  • Youtube MP3 downloader
  • Youtube video to MP3

Btclod youtube video downloader

Anything you can find on youtube, such as music videos, interesting documentaries, celebrity interviews. Using this downloader straight from your devices, you can download youtube videos and convert them to any format of your choice. 

Youtube playlist downloader

If you want to download MP3 and some other audio formats. Simply you can create a playlist of your own and download it from Youtube. This feature will definitely make your life very easy. A convenient way to download a playlist from Youtube created by you or any other users can watch videos and listen to music.

Lightning-quick download

This Youtube downloader’s user interfaces are simple enough that even beginners can navigate without any problem. The process of download takes only a few moments, and it will deliver you all the videos, audio, and music onto your device for free.

Youtube video to MP3

This youtube downloader tool also has format conversion capabilities. It means youtube downloader does not only download videos but could also convert them to mp3 for easy storage. This feature is ideal for downloading podcasts or other videos that the visuals are not as important.

Youtube audio downloader

Youtube sound downloader upholds just four sound arrangements, MP3 in MP3/WAV, compartment PCM sound in WAV holder, AAC in MOV holder, and FLAC. You can download youtube sound in any design or download it in one configuration and convert it to another. 

Youtube MP3 downloader

With this Youtube downloader tool, you can download youtube MP3 with no fear of any limits. Youtube is the mother lode of good music. Using this common method, you can download a lot of music, however, unless you sign up for the youtube premium service. You may unable to download some songs or videos directly. 

Why do you need to use the youtube downloader?

You can download videos directly from youtube. Every video can not be downloaded from youtube directly. Using an online youtube downloader is a good way to capture your favorite youtube videos. Better you can also convert youtube to MP3 to reduce the load on your device. Either way, using an online youtube downloader allows access to youtube videos and music offline, so the fun literally never stops.

Wrap up!

Youtube downloader for android phone is an app for those who love watching and sharing youtube videos. This application has an easy-to-use interface. The videos can be downloaded in good quality with different resolutions and formats. Youtube downloader for Android also allows multiple videos downloading at one time which is a great feature for an Andriod app.

I am confident that this article will help you to download videos for watching and enjoying music streaming, even offline.

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