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Permanent Solution for Balding and Thin Hair – A Myth or Reality?

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Losing hair or becoming bald is an extremely sensitive thing for any person, irrespective of the gender. Because hair is an important part of everyone’s personality. Anyone who faces this issue naturally becomes extremely conscious about their situation and wants a fix. A hair transplant is a procedure that will give you a guaranteed result.

As it is a new process in Pakistan, whoever thinks about getting this treatment is very nervous and has a lot of questions in mind, which is quite natural because here you risk a lot of money and take risks with your health as well. So, it’s pretty natural for you to be anxious about the treatment. Here is some basic information regarding transplants that will help you know if transplant is the solution you are looking for.

What’s the process?

A hair transplant is a surgical treatment in which new hair follicles are transplanted onto the area where there is no or hair thinning area. This treatment is a permanent solution for balding areas and restoration.

This process is comprised of two procedures.

1)            Follicular Unit Transplantation. (FUT)

2)            Follicular Unit Extraction. (FUE)

In the first type of surgery, a small strip of tissues is removed from the back of the head, from this area donor follicles are extracted. The hair follicles are removed from this strip and then transplanted into the affected area. This procedure is recommended if loss is extreme because it allows the greatest number of grafts in one session.

In the second type of surgery, No strip of tissue is removed, each follicular unit is individually taken out from the scalp and harvested on the targeted area. As follicles are chosen randomly the donor area will have fewer follicles but it is less noticeable. This procedure is recommended when hair loss is not severe as fewer follicles are harvested in one session.


The biggest advantage of hair transplant is that it has the most natural-looking end result as follicles are taken from your skin having the same DNA and nature, and it’s a permanent solution to your problems. This process guarantees healthy growth on your bald spots. It is also more cost-effective than other treatments.

The main motive of this procedure is natural growth with long term results. One of the most amazing advantages of this procedure is that the end result is in the hands of the client, which means the client can achieve thickness on bald patches according to his expectations.


Like any normal surgery hair transplant also has some risks which include infections or bleeding. When new follicles start to grow, some clients complain about the inflammation and infection of the hair follicles. Antibiotics can suppress this condition.

Cost range in Islamabad:

The price range of the best hair transplant in Islamabad surgery depends upon the institute you choose for the hair transplant and the experience of the surgeon. The price is also decided on the number of  follicles you want to transplant. Hair transplant in Islamabad ranges from 40,000 PKR to 50,000 PKR.


As the surgery is scalp based there is no danger for expecting mothers. This surgery is done under the effect of local anesthesia which normally does not affect the functioning of the heart. But patients with serious heart issues should consult their doctors first. Heavy Drinkers and smokers are at risk of internal and external bleeding. If they want to have this surgery, they should give up these habits for at least a few weeks before the time of surgery.

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