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Are you looking for stainless steel hoses and other industrial equipment hose supplies? Look no further because here at pharmchem engineering, we have it all. We established our business with a coherent mission to garner the dexterity and expertise to demand in the world of business as well as in all industrial domains. Our sharp skills, combined with ten years of experience, help us provide effective solutions to our customers’ needs and goals. We have a persistent drive to repeatedly set new and higher standards of excellence, always ensuring that our solutions guarantee 100 percent conformation to the required conditions before supplying them to our customers. This reflection will give a thorough overview of our hose pipes and other industrial equipment hose supplies that we deal with.

Owing to their pleasing characteristics, stainless steel hose supplies are extensively used in a wide range of applications. Compared to rubber and Teflon hoses, stainless steel hoses last longer and have a higher weather and heat resistance. In addition to regular products, like flange and screw joints, users can discover a wide range of applications to use with stainless steel hoses. The aforementioned steel hoses can last in extreme conditions, ranging from low to high temperatures and from vacuum to acute high-pressure environments. Courtesy of these favourable characteristics, stainless steel hoses are ideal for any product and machinery that requires tough and hard-wearing material. You may check this site Below is a list of applications where customers can use our stainless steel hose supplies :

On uneven sinking land

Protecting electric cables

Sanitation and air conditioning

Protecting oil tanks against earthquakes

Isolating vibration from fire extinguishing pumps and machines

They can be used in the petrochemical industry

Airport runways

Absorbing Heat contraction and elongation

General and automotive engineering

Hose Supplies

In addition to our stainless steel hoses, we also supply silicone and Teflon hoses that guarantee you increased flexibility. Teflon has outstanding chemical flexibility, coupled with a wide range of other characteristics, which makes it the perfect engineered plastic for use in making hoses. A Teflon hose can apply under high pressure and persistent vibration and flexing conditions. Teflon hoses are universally known to be inert and resistant to chemicals. Typically, a Teflon hose can be used in temperature ranges of between 100°F to 500°F, under the standard operating conditions in Singapore. In addition to their high chemical resistance, Teflon hoses provide low friction, are non-stick and are resistant to moisture and deterioration. Below is a list of applications that can use Teflon hoses:

General and automotive engineering Hose Supplies

Food industry

Glass manufacturing industry

High temperature and hydraulic applications

Pulp and paper industry

Manufacturing of pharmaceuticals

Sanitary and sewerage systems

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We also supply rubber, fabric, and stainless steel expansion joints to our customers all across the globe. Stainless steel expansion joints are majorly used in various commercial and industrial applications in Singapore and all over the world to remedy pipe motion issues. We have designed our joints to eliminate piping noise, stress and vibration.


Indeed, the central significance of hose supplies in engineering and other industrial fields is paramount and cannot be overstressed. The article above has given a thorough overview of our hose supplies and their accompaniments. All our products are designed with the customer in mind. We constantly work towards excelling in delivering excellent quality, cost-effective products to our esteemed customers all across the globe. We wish you all the best in business; good luck for Hose Supplies!

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