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Pokemon Go Walking Hack. Best way to Play Pokemon Go Without Moving

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Pokemon Go is a free-to-play game developed and published by Niantic and the Nintendo Company in 2016 for Android and iOS devices. With your phone GPS turned on, Pokemon Go allows you to catch Pokemons, get real-world weather updates, and obtain regular game rewards. It arguably makes the game remain being more popular.  you might want to check if you want to buy a 1995 pikachu card

Pokemon Go allows you to catch the fresh and enjoy the beauty of nature while having fun battling with or against friends. 

However, moving from place to place to catch Pokemons has caused various accidents, intrusions cases in no-go zone areas, and other risky scenarios. also, check 1995 pokemon cards value

Now, to avoid all these, you need to use the Pokemon Go walking hack. With the Pokemon Go walking hack, you will be able to catch Pokemons right at your comfort.

From this article, you will have a vivid understanding of how to move in Pokemon Go without walking 2021

How to get Pokemon Balls in Pokemon Without Moving

A Pokemon can randomly carry up to 6 Poke balls. With enough Poke balls, Playing Pokemon Go becomes an absolute breeze. 

Niantic has developed more than 26 Poke balls –This includes the common Quick Ball and the Great Ball. 

Therefore, to prevent you from running out of Poke balls, you need to involve Pokemon Go walking hack.

Now, for you to play Pokemon Go without moving, you need to hack your GPS location. 

The hacking of the GPS location varies from Android to iPhone mobile devices.

 How to Play Pokemon Go Without Moving in iOS

On your iOS device, you can obtain more Pokemon balls by using a joystick to fake your location. 

When it comes to faking your location, you need to be extra careful to safeguard your account and prevent it from being banned. Currently, Niantic has banned over 5 million Pokemon Go accounts with cheating allegations.

Niantic has developed a reliable means of detecting cheating. 

Notably, there is a way on how to play Pokemon Go without moving while safeguarding your account. That is by using Dr. Fone – Virtual Location (iOS).

D.r Fone Virtual Location is a professional location changer whose key functions are;

  • To allow one to teleport anywhere in the world freely
  • To simulate movement along a single route
  • To adjust the speed along a route
  • To simulate movement along a lane with multiple spots
  • To adjust the number of trips one makes in a particular location. 

Here is a detailed solution for hacking your GPS location in Pokemon Go while protecting your account. 

Step 1. Download Dr. Fone Virtual Location 

Proven Ways to Change GPS Location on Gaming Apps – Pokémon Go? – TechMoran

Image Name: install-dr-fone

First, download Dr. Fone Virtual Location (iOS) from its official website and install it.

 Launch it and allow it to run on your computer device. 

Step 2. Link your iPhone with the Virtual Location software

start drfone

Image Name: link-phone-with-virtual-location

After running the program, various functionalities of the software will be displayed in your interface. Select on the ‘virtual location’ feature.

Connect your iPhone with the Virtual Location software using a USB cable, and hit the ‘Get Started’ button. 

Step 3. Search for a location

teleport mode
Image Name: search-for-location

On the top-left corner of your interface, there is a search icon. Type in your preferred location and hit the ‘Go’ button.  

Step 4. Teleport to your selected location

teleport to desired location

Image Name: teleport-to-selected-location

Here, it would be best if you dropped a pin on your selected location. You can adjust it depending on your preference. Click on the ‘Move Here’ button, and thus your position will automatically change.  

Step 5. Open Pokemon Go on your iPhone device

current location in iphone

Image Name: open-pokemon-on-phone

To use the Pokemon Go walking hack, head over to your iPhone and open the Pokemon Go app. The location that you changed will automatically be detected. 

Now, your original GPS location will have been counteracted with the fake one. You can therefore teleport around without moving and catch more Poke Balls. 

How to Play Pokemon Go Without Moving in Android Devices

Getting Poke Balls in android devices differs significantly from the iOS devices. 

In android devices, you will have to involve tools like Fake GPS Free, Fake GPS Go, and GPS Joystick. 

Here are the simple steps on how to get Poke Balls in Pokemon Go without moving on Android devices. 

Step 1. Enable developer options

tap Build Number 7 straight times

Image Name: enable-developer-options

To use the Pokemon Go walking hack, you first need to enable developer options. 

First, go to the ‘Settings’ menu and scroll down to the ‘About Phone’ bar. A new page will open, on it click on the ‘About Phone.’ Select the ‘Build Number’ on the other new page. 

Tap on the build number five times until you receive a po9p-up notification ‘You are now a developer.’

Step 2. Install Fake GPS location app

Fake GPS location app

Image Name: install-fake-gps-app

To download the app to play Pokemon without moving, go to the Google Play Store and download the Fake GPS Free and Location Spoofer application. 

Install the programs and allow them to run. 

Step 3. Turn Mock location on

Developed Options

Image Name: turn-mock-location-on

Head back to the ‘settings menu. Search for the ‘Mock Locations’ and turn it on – It grants permission for the Fake GPS app to be launched. Now, the Fake GPS takes complete control of your phone location. 

Step 4. Input your fake location

virtual location 0

Image Name: input-fake-location-on

In the fake GPS app, key in your preferred location in the search bar and click on the ‘Go’ button to initiate the process.

Step 5. Move-in Pokemon Go without walking

Head back to the Pokemon Go app. You will be able to see that your location is changed. 

Get back to the Pokemon Go app, and you will see your character running towards your selected location. Get to move in Pokemon Go without walking. 


How to move in Pokemon Go without walking is that easy. All you need to do is by using your device – Android or iPhone mobile, follow the clearly illustrated procedures above, and get to enjoy the Pokemon Go walking hack.

By using Dr. Fone Virtual Location (iOS), you will be able to enjoy the Pokemon Go walking hack and, conversely, safeguard your account from getting banned.

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