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Protect your iPhone mobile by purchasing a mobile protection plan


To deal with this widespread fear of unforeseen and accidental damages to iPhones, insurance providers offer iPhones insurance in India. With this option for financial protection of iPhones against damages, individuals have been able to enhance their experience while reaping the benefits of the multifaceted features of these phones.

What should you avail an iPhone mobile protection plan?

iPhone users often wonder if there are proven ways to mitigate their worries when it comes to using their devices daily. While it is fairly impossible to predict accidents, breakdowns, and natural calamities, these contribute actively to the damage of an Phone. Besides, Apple’s policy of warranty coverage visibly excludes damages through accidental fire, liquid contact, earthquake, or other external causes.

This substantially narrows down one’s option of receiving free-of-cost repair of Apple products from the manufacturer itself, as it has laid down a standard procedure of operation. Moreover, the cost of replacing an iPhone display can be substantial. For example, replacing an iPhone 7 screen can cost around Rs.9,000, which can be more than Rs.17,000 for phone.

Therefore, individuals seek Apple Phone insurance plans from insurance aggregators for the following reasons –

  • A mobile protection plan provides a financial safeguard against expenses arising from damages linked to fire, lightning, explosion due to system malfunction, and implosion.
  • In addition, iPhone users can claim financial compensation for damages through natural calamities such as earthquakes, floods, and cyclones. insurance policies from an NBFC also reduces monetary liabilities for disruption from riots, strikes, and stampedes.
  • Finally, individuals can purchase Apple iPhone insurance in India to protect themselves financially against expenses arising from theft or robbery of their device.

As can be seen, a mobile screen insurance plan for Apple products provides an extensive range of financial benefits and coverage. With these plans, users can eliminate their worries while using their i as per their convenience.

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How to purchase an iPhone insurance policy?

It is quite difficult to single out the best iPhone insurance in India, yet the features mentioned above provide additional distinction to an efficient insurance plan. Therefore, the process through which an individual can purchase a high-value coverage insurance product for their iPhones is as stated visit here

  • Step 1: Search for a reputed insurance aggregator online and visit its official website.
  • Step 2: Browse among multiple insurance options and choose the relevant insurance plan.
  • Step 3: Enter primary details such as name, contact information, and date of birth to successfully fill up the online application form. The online mode of application is further convenient because it saves an individual the trouble of visiting the branches of an insurance provider physically.
  • Step 4: Provide the OTP in the designated section to authenticate the purchase of iPhone insurance in India.
  • Step: Choose among payment processes such as mobile wallets, credit card or debit card, or net banking to advance the premium on the insurance plan.

By following these few steps, individuals can buy a Mobile Screen Insurance plan from insurance aggregator, Bajaj Finserv under the company’s Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions.

Smartphone owners should also choose a mobile charger insurance plan to protect themselves financially against expenses of repairing or replacing a charger.

Besides, individuals should also insure their Bluetooth speakers and digital clocks against expenses from accidental damages and system failures with a small gadgets insurance policy.

As can be seen, a mobile screen insurance plan for Apple products provides an extensive range of financial benefits and coverage. With these plans, users can eliminate their worries while using their iPhones as per their convenience.

Therefore, iPhone insurance in India is way more than an assured way to seek financial compensation for unforeseen and unexpected damages to their valuable devices. In addition, a beneficial mobile protection plan enables users to operate their phones without a dint of worry.

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