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Questions to think about Before Migrating Email to Office 365

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It is not always as simple as creating an account and following step-by-step migration and have success in it. Migrating can be complex and risky. Also, there are a lot of services like Gmail to Exchange MigrationSharePointData Migration, etc. to choose from according to your requirement Hence, here are a few questions to give a thought before you migrate to Office 365:

What is your traditional email preference?

The best area to begin your migration is to evaluate what your traditional email preference is. Most Office users use Outlook already, but this can have a tremendous influence on what your options are for migrating.

Do you have access to modify your DNS records?

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This is one of the easiest elements of mail migration but can also create the highest setbacks. If everything is adequately planned and goes as required, this is reasonably around an hour of work, but if you do not have access to your DNS records the migration process can come to an immediate stop.

When you switch to Office 365, you will require to access your DNS to verify you own your domain and to redirect all your emails to your new mailboxes. Or else, every other server in the system would still be sent to your old server, which would be a big disaster.

Do you have applications or devices transferring email through your traditional email preference?

If you migrate your server without considering the devices (such as printers and scanners) and applications that connect to it, post-migration distress is obviously expected, as network scanning devices start to give out failure notifications plus printers and scanners start sending your document on any path.

This is one major thing that you need to be conscious about and have a strategy before beginning with the migration process, or you could experience more troubles. Perform a record of the devices and services that are connected to your present e-mail server and make sure to designate them to the new cloud server.

Losing your autocomplete data, signs, or reattaching files be a problem?

When you relink to your new mailbox, these functions that you were supposed to set up in the past could escape. You need to decide either this will be a dilemma for you, or if you can easily just redesign them.

If required, these can be migrated as well, but it will need extra time and work, particularly for the autocomplete. It is a great idea to make an account for these in your migration plan, whether you determine that you want them migrated or not.

Is calendar collaboration massively utilized?

If calendar collaboration is a feature that is massively utilized in your business, you will want to plan for this as well. Authorities for sharing your calendar with others may not shift to Office 365 by default, so if you have many calendars sharing systems plan setup, you will want to precisely draft them before starting your migration and secure yourself with a backup if the time comes.

Would you like to imply new features such as data loss prevention, or e-mail encryption and archiving?

Consider the things missing from the present email solution that you would want to apply to your new one? A migration to Office 365 is an excellent chance to audit and fix your e-mail services with increased protection and new features.

Some of the unique email features that you may want to take benefit of involve data loss prevention (DLP), and encrypted email as well as archiving, and many more. You can buy these separately, but package plans would be much more beneficial for your business. What is an excellent aspect about these is you can just simply switch them on or off whenever required, enabling you to only spend for what you use when the time and need arises.

Migrating to Office 365 offers comfort and cloud benefits, in a pay-as-per-use design, but you must be prepared for any downfalls that you might encounter. You will have to highly consider these above questions and having answers will help in getting more clarity to the process of migration and executing more smoothly and get you in your new environment quicker.

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