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Recommended Eco-Friendly Paints For Your Home.


Making a location into a refuge demands making healthy and conscientious decisions. Whether we realise it or not, the goods we choose to bring into our homes Paints have an influence on our quality of life. It applies to the food we consume, the clothing we wear, and even the air we breathe.

Indoors, roughly 80% of the time, the air we breathe isn’t always safe for humans or the environment. Toxic interior paints are to blame for a variety of illnesses that can impact ourselves and our loved ones, including our four-legged family members.

What makes a paint eco-friendly?

The term “eco-friendly” refers to paint, varnish, or lacquer that does not include harmful airborne compounds or gases. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are low-level hazardous emissions that leech into the air, causing symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, vision and respiratory impairment, and even memory loss.

VOC levels are two to five times greater indoors than outside, according to the EPA, and studies suggest that while you’re removing paint during a home improvement, they can reach 1,000 times higher. The good news is that you can do more than simply a few potted plants to help clean up the air in your house.

Are you ready for a new beginning and a fresh coat of paint? Here are the greatest eco-friendly solutions for your room, as well as our top recommendations for nontoxic carpets and sustainable furniture. (Don’t worry if painting isn’t an option.) You might also be interested in these eco-friendly removable wallpapers).

Clare Paint

Clare Paint is committed to delivering designer-curated colours and eco-friendly paint to your doorstep. Its paints are entirely zero VOC and Greenguard Gold Certified, and its facilities incorporate low-waste manufacturing technologies, recyclable packaging, and water conservation systems. Don’t know where to begin? Swatches start at $2 and include free delivery as well as the Clare Color Genius quiz to help you narrow down your selections.

The Real Milk Paint Co.

Paint for furniture that is safe for children

Milk paint, which is manufactured from organic milk protein, is a healthier alternative to commercially available water-based latex or oil-based paint. The Real Milk Paint Co. offers a wide range of colours, including loose pigments that may be blended to create your personalised colour. Since 1995, The Real Milk Paint Co. has been developing, and its tried-and-true recipe is still biodegradable. Even the waxes and finishing lotions are odourless and contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It works on bare wood, drywall, and concrete with only a little water. Make sure your walls are waterproofed before painting your home for the best waterproofing rates in Bangalore visit wet2drysolution.com.


Backdrop spent a year collecting 50 of the greatest house colours—and in the process, created the first climate-neutral paint company in 2020! Its interior and exterior paints are Green Wise certified, meaning they have minimal VOCs, low smell, and are packaged in recyclable cans. You’ll also discover a paint calculator and necessary painting supplies to do the job yourself rather than paying four times as much for a professional. You’ll be delighted with how these colours work out from the first swatch to the final coat. Backdrop also reciprocates.

ECOS Paint

ECOS Paint is “paint you can feel good about,” according to the company. This USA-made business provides a colourful assortment of organic paints for indoor and exterior walls (together with a transparent ingredient list!) that are completely free of VOCs and smells. The best part is that a gallon covers 560 square feet, which is far more than most standard solutions. These paints, which are used by the Louvre, Westminster Abbey, and the Getty Museum, combine excellence and environmental awareness like no other.

Sherwin-Williams Harmony

Sherwin-Williams’ Harmony range is not only VOC-free, but its cutting-edge technology also helps to clean the air in your home by lowering hazardous emissions from other household items, mould and mildew, and pet odours. You can feel comfortable about putting a new coat wherever you need it since this acrylic paint is Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified and Greenguard Certified for children and schools.

Benjamin Moore Eco Spec

Benjamin Moore’s Eco Spec range is a series of zero-VOC and zero-emission paints. It available in flat, eggshell, and semi-gloss finishes, as well as all of Benjamin Moore’s 3,500+ shade options! It’s Greengard-certified and allergy and asthma sufferers will love it. We like that it’s widely available, which means you’ll be able to find a similar shade at your local paint or hardware shop.


BioShield is a solvent-free, zero-VOC paint and tint company that offers products for the interior, exterior, wall finishes, and wood stains. As “healthy living paints,” the firm aims to offer products that are made from natural, easily renewable resources and are free of dangerous chemicals, poisons, and additions. This is the brand for you if you want to leave the environment in a better state than you found it.

Behr Premium Plus

Its Premium Plus range of eco-friendly paints from Behr contains no volatile compounds (VOCs) and is available as a two-in-one paint and primer. As a Greenguard Gold certified paint, this product has been tested to have low chemical emissions in your home. This low-odour paint is also one of the most inexpensive options on the list! (If you require stain- and scuff-resistant choices, the Behr Ultra Scuff Defense and Marquee ranges are both Greenguard Gold certified!)

Earth Pigments

Earth Pigments has a wide range of rich colours, including ocher earth tones, vivid oxide pigments, and natural mica. These mineral and plant-based pigments are a safe alternative to traditional paints since they are obtained sustainably from the planet. This is a more hands-on painting technique that involves you mixing colours with other materials, but the end effect is well worth the effort. If you’re not sure where to begin, contact us for a complimentary colour consultation!
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