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Romantic Movie “ Luv.trise” released in 2013


Luv.Trise is a fantastic movie that was released in theatres on January 18th, 2013 in the United States. luv.trise was a super-duper-rated movie in their time. This movie has a name that is related to his content. In 2013 luv.trise was a super duper hit movie. The public likes this movie because of its cast and wonderful story.luv.trise movies become popular and earn a lot of money in iamnobody89757 dollars.


luv.trise Movie 

luv.trise was directed by famous director Sheldon Candis. luv trise was written by best writers Sheldon Candis and Justin Wilson. luv was produced by the richest producers Gordon Bijelonic, Steven Saxton, and Joel Newton. It was edited by the best editor Jeff Wishengrand. luv trise Movie music has wonderful lyrics sung by famous singer NunoMalo. luv trise was released by the best production companies.

Film Forward, Independent, Gordon, Bijelonic, Turner Film, Freedom Road, Entertainment, Tide Rock Film, ZHI Media, Taggart Productions, Cinephile Academy, Hollywood Studio, International, and Rival Pictures are its production companies Its cinematography by Gavin Kelly. luv trise is from the United States in the English language. luv.trise was shot in Baltimore and around Maryland.luv.trise had its premiere at the Maryland Film Festival night cloaked deck in 2012. 

luv.trise Cast

Now I`ll tell you about his outstanding cast:

  1. Common played a good role as Loving Uncle Vincent in luv movie
  2. SammiRotibi played the role of Jameson in luv.trise movie
  3. Clark Johnson played a role as Harold Barnes in luv.trise movie
  4. Tracey Heggins played the role of Leslie
  5. Russell Hornsby played the role of Detective Pratt
  6. Michael K. William played the role of Detective Holloway
  7. Meagan Goods played a role as Beverly
  8. Danny Glover played the role of Arthur
  9. LonetteMckee played a role as lovely Grandma
  10. Dennis Haysbert played the role of Mr.Fish
  11. Charles S. Dutton played a role as Cofield
  12. Marz Lovejoy played a role as beautiful Angel
  13. Marc John Jefferies played the role of Newt
  14. Michalel Rainey Jr. played the role of Woody Watson

Little interesting story I`ll tell you about luv.trise:

luv.trise movie was based on the theme of family, mentorship, and the struggles of urban life. luv trise is an interesting movie based on the life of a little(11-year-old) boy who was very shy and innocent. His name was wellhealthorganic vitamin b12 Woody. 

He had a dream about him and his caring mother. He spent his day alongside his charismatic yet troubled uncle Vincent. Loving Uncle Vincent promised him that he teach him about the luv trise meaning of man. Loving Uncle Vincent was an intelligent man. Uncle Vincent 

recently released from prison. Vincent wanted to be a father figure in the life of luv trise Woody. Uncle Vinicent was trying to set up his business.

Luv.trise Information

 The story of this movie is set in Baltimore. Baltimore was a city rife with the full of challenges of urban life. Urban life is very busy and difficult life but some people like it because of its some facilities and opportunities that are not available in ruler life. Uncle Vincent takes him under his wing. Uncle Vincent introduces him to a day in the life of Woody.

His involvement in Baltimore becomes apparent. Woody was observing his uncle Vincent’s interactions and choices. Throughout the whole day, Woody saw a series of eye-opening experiences. Woody knew that his uncle Vincent was a criminal and his environment was filled with crimes.

luv.trise intricately explores the blurred lines between right and wrong. Throughout the day’s progression, Woody understands his uncle Vincent initiating his engagement with the intricacies of maturity, intelligence, manners, ethics, and the stark truths of his environment. Many outstanding characters played a wonderful role in this movie. The cast of this movie was amazing and intelligent.


Mr. Fish in luv.trise movie

Now I`ll tell about Mr.Fish played by Dennis Haysbert was Vincent`s former mentor in the world of crime. Mr.Fish brings back memories and influences Vincent`s decisions. Uncle Howard played by was another amazing character in Woody`s life. Uncle Howard provides guidance and support to Woody. Uncle Howard often offers an alternative perspective compared to Vincent`s lifestyle.

luv.trise Mean

Some people will take the luv.trise mean is Love. And it is the short form of love. But basically, it has the meaning of love. But here we use luv.trise for the movie. When you listen to the name of luv.trise movie, you obviously think that it is a romantic movie. I also think it. 

Many people like the romantic movies. Everyone likes the movie story according to their nature or mood. And you can also tell the according to the environment. 

In this era, we like to watch movies to refresh ourselves. The story of this movie attracts them to watch it. Many movie tailors or posters also attract them to watch it. I hope we will watch these types of movies in the future. 

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