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ROMTech Portable Connect Makes Knee Surgery Recovery Bearable


Recovering from any surgery takes a lot of time, money, and effort to get back to the way you were before. Knee surgeries are notorious for being difficult to recover from, with many patients never reaching full range of motion after the surgery. Even those who eventually experience a full range of motion complain about how unbearable the recovery process is.

With the ROMTech PortableConnect, knee surgery recovery is made more bearable on your joints, time, and budget. This modern technology is quickly becoming one of the more popular approaches to physical therapy post knee surgery as a result.

To learn more about how the ROMTech PortableConnect makes recovering from knee surgery more bearable, read on. This article also covers how you can get ahold of a ROMTech PortableConnect both as a patient or clinician.

What Is The ROMTech PortableConnect?

The ROMTech PortableConnect is a modern and revolutionary device that makes recovering from your knee surgery much easier. It uses telehealth and adaptive technology to create a gentle, convenient, and effective therapeutic device that increases your range of motion from home.

The thought behind the ROMTech PortableConnect is that light but frequent rehabilitation sessions are more effective than infrequent strenuous ones. As a result, patients that use the ROMTech PortableConnect end up recovering faster and with less pain and drugs than those who undergo traditional physical therapy. Not to mention, the results are often much better.

Even though the ROMTech PortableConnect allows patients to recover from the comfort of their home, the entire recovery process is thoroughly monitored by physicians, ensuring recovery is going according to plan.

How Does The ROMTech PortableConnect Make Recovery Bearable?

The ROMTech PortableConnect makes recovering from knee surgery more bearable from a number of angles. Most notably, it reduces the pain, scheduling difficulties, and extreme price of traditional physical therapy to make your recovery less painful, more convenient, and more affordable.

Less Pain

With the ROMTech PortableConnect, surgery patients participate in gentle but effective physical therapy sessions three to five times a day. Because each one of these sessions is very gentle and adapted to your current range of motion, patients experience less pain than they would with traditional physical therapy.

Faster Results

Because the sessions lead to less pain and more frequent sessions, patients that use ROMTech PortableConnect get to recover faster. With faster results, you can get back to your life as normal without stretching your recovery time over endless months and years.

More Convenient

When using the ROMTech PortableConnect, you never have to leave your home to attend your session. This means that you don’t have to clear your whole schedule in order to make your physical therapy session or ask someone to drive you to the session.

More Affordable

The ROMTech PortableConnect is more affordable than traditional therapy since you don’t have to go to the doctor’s office for every session. More so, you don’t have to pay for the recovery sessions or medicine as long as you would with traditional methods.

How Does The ROMTech PortableConnect Work?

The ROMTech PortableConnect uses advanced technology so that you can recover faster and more efficiently in a more convenient and affordable way. It is this technology that makes the ROMTech PortableConnect a viable option for many patients.

The device uses telehealth technology and a connected app so that your doctor can monitor every part of your recovery without you ever leaving your home. The technology even provides face-to-face communication, despite you and your clinician being located in different areas.

Furthermore, the app tracks your vitals and stats over the long run, which allows you to see how you are progressing over time. This monitoring can help you stay motivated on the days when you feel sleepy or unmotivated to continue your sessions.

To ensure that the sessions push you, but not to your limits, the device uses adaptive pedal technology. This technology allows the resistance to adjust directly to your range of motion. As you improve, the pedals will automatically adjust on their own to continually improve your recovery without any serious pain.

How To Get Ahold Of The ROMTech PortableConnect

If you are interested in getting ahold of the ROMTech PortableConnect before your knee surgery, talk to your surgeon about using the device as a recovery method. Many surgeons around the nation are already using this technology to make recovery more convenient and pain-free.

If your surgeon does not currently have access to a ROMTech PortableConnect, you can fill out a request form and ROMTech will reach out to your surgeon personally. Your surgeon will then have the option to request an in-office demo to see if they like the technology. Clinicians, distributors, and all medical staff are free to request this in-office demo.

Final Thoughts

The ROMTech PortableConnect device makes recovering from knee surgery more bearable on your body, schedule, and finances. Because it uses such advanced technology, this device is quickly becoming one of the more popular physical therapy options for knee surgery recovery.

If you want your or your patients’ knee surgery recoveries to go more smoothly, opt for the ROMTech PortableConnect device. Although this device may sound a bit experimental, it is backed by many researchers due to its effectiveness, convenience, safety, and affordability.

Whether you are a patient or physician, don’t hesitate to request information from ROMTech to learn more about the ROMTech PortableConnect and its benefits today.


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