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Rusticotv: Which Panerai Radiomir Watch to Buy?


Rusticotv Panerai Radiomir is a timepiece worth buying, but you may find it to be an overwhelming task to choose the best-suited version from a long collection of amazing wristwatches. That’s why we are here to help you with it to make you choose ssis 816 the best variant from our filtered list of top-class Panerai Radiomir Watches.

Panerai Radiomir Rusticotv 10days GMT

The Radiomir edition with a power reserve of upto10 Days Gm in 47mm of the case, Maintains the Key to success for the rusticotv Panerai. This timepiece was originally designed to be a big gun in the list of luxury watches and to be a constant ally of a soldier. When it comes to a timepiece, a military timepiece, it has to be robust enough to confront rusticotv environmental cat in the chrysalis spoiler harsh.


The technical features this timepiece reflects are the

● 10-day long-lasting power reserve time

● P.2003 Movements

● Additional Time Zone

● Embedded Date

These all features are finely tuned within this timepiece and manufactured by master watchmakers just to ensure an extreme level of precision rate and high durability. While the case of this timepiece is rusticotv designed with high-quality stainless steel and is typically cushion typed shaped. The case is also sealed enough to feature a water-resistant level of up to 10 bars.

The dial of this timepiece is designed to represent an extreme level of legibility. That’s why it is coated with super radiant material the luminescent in Super LumiNova form. The power reserve of 10 days is beautifully and ingeniously marked over the dial and embedded over the caliber, the timepiece just represents a technical yet innovative structure.

The Panerai black seal version with 3 days power reserve is the rusticotv timepiece designed to reflect the robust look. It was manufactured by using electrochemical caramelization of aluminum and using it in the timepiece so to make a timepiece that is virtually indestructible and durable enough to deal with the rusticotv extremely harsh environmental conditions whether it is on the ground, under the ocean, or in space.

The ceramic material made the timepiece virtually scratchproof and light-weighted so to rusticotv comfortably wear it during the whole day. As it is named it can also be referred to as the black seal in the Panerai family but the name doesn’t represent this context, in fact, it was originally created for the Italian Navy “the black Seal” as to have an accent to the Navy’s black rusticotv uniform so it was designed black. In addition to its elegant sporty and chicky look, it was also designed with many advanced watch complications.

The dial of this timepiece is so much sophisticated and minimalist, that the complications over it were delicately fine-tuned over it just to not make any mistake. This timepiece remanence the past of Panerai in manufacturing high-quality rusticotv timepieces. Panerai Radiomir Seal was mentioned in the History books of Panerai just to honor the efforts of watch engineers and the creative watch designer for manufacturing this piece of art.

Officine Panerai Radiomir California 3 Days Acciaio – 47mm

The Panerai Radiomir Watch referred to as one of the most iconic versions of Horlogerie, reinvented again in The latest Radiomir California 3 days series and the S.L.C.3 days versions, both models represent the brand’s traditional touch of aesthetic codes and the brand’s history in manufacturing such powerful rusticotv timepieces.

The Panerai Radiomir California 3 Days Acciaio is just a milestone achieved by the brand, As it is based on extremely high-quality rusticotv caliber power. It was manufactured for the Commandos, so was manufactured with extremely high-quality material just to feature the same compatibility to withstand even harsh conditions and temperatures. The main feature of this timepiece is its legibility as it is very much readable even in extremely low light.


PANERAI 323, one of the most popular models in the rusticotv Radiomir family, this house is brand new, never used, very rare. Large size full 47 mm. Machine Panerai Manual Winding In.

House function GMT 8 Days Power Reserve. 

Comes with a box, outside the box, in the warranty card manual, the complete year 2020.

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