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Salesforce Testing: Process, Challenges, and Practices

Salesforce Testing

Salesforce testing is a complicated process that requires the expertise of an experienced Salesforce tester. Salesforce testing has its own unique process, which, even when followed correctly, can lead to certain challenges. 

What is the Salesforce testing process?

Salesforce’s testing procedure is identical to that of any standard online application. The tester must have a clear understanding of the configurable features that are developed during the testing process. It allows them to concentrate on the customized code rather than the native Salesforce capabilities. Additionally, the Salesforce tester should be well versed with the test automation platform for Salesforce testing.

Both the developer and the tester should utilize the Sandbox environment for the test automation platform for Salesforce testing and other respective tasks. From the Sandbox environment, code that has been tested in the production environment is deployed. 

Salesforce Testing

What Salesforce Testing challenges can someone experience?

A typical tester encounters several obstacles while using a test automation platform for salesforce testing. Among them are:

● Advanced features such as Visualforce, Salesforce, and Service Cloud Console are difficult to test.

● The tester must rewrite all the traditional tests for the Lightning User Interface on the test automation platform.

● Although certain basic features are unused, they cannot be deleted.

● The tester cannot execute GUI tests in the test environment on the test automation platform for Salesforce testing.

● Automated testing must be compatible with all of the test environments.

What are the best practices for successful Salesforce Testing?

● Running tests as a real user is one of the best practices to employ for the test automation platform for Salesforce testing.

● Test Data should be produced to validate the functioning of the reports.

● Functional testing, user interface testing, regression testing, and system integration testing must be included in the testing approach.

● Automation testing must be carried out on a test automation platform for Salesforce testing with technologies such as Selenium and HP Unified Functional Testing.

● Positive and negative flows must be considered by the Salesforce tester.

● Workflows must be used to develop and test User roles.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a Salesforce tester?

● The Salesforce tester should be able to conduct Smoke Testing to ensure that all essential functions are operating as required.

● Develop both optimistic as well as negative Test Scenarios.

● The tester must be able to perform an equivalency Analysis of Boundary Values and Partitioning

● In order to construct a functional map, testers must also work on the program and obtain a grasp of its functioning.

● A tester should have straightforward access to the development team.

● The tester must perform role-based test cases to guarantee data consistency.

● Additionally, the tester should do compatibility tests in the event that Salesforce connected with third-party apps.

● A Salesforce tester must be knowledgeable with load testing technologies such as JMeter in order to validate complicated processes that might produce contradictory results.
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