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SEO Marketing Strategies for E-Commerce Site

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If you are struggling with the traffic to your e-commerce site, you are welcome here. In this post, you will learn about the strategies that are proven to work and other techniques that will help you in finding out the best of your customers’ needs so that you can implement the correct procedures to gain the maximum profit.

e-commerce marketing helps in analyzing the targeted customers in order to generate leads. Through eCommerce marketing, you can let your customers know about your brand or online store. These tactics are also known by the name of digital marketing. Other than being online, you can also put offline emphasis on your brand awareness. Some of the examples of offline strategies are buying ad space on billboards, running print advertising or speaking at the event, etc.

So what are the strategies that will help in generating visitors back to your site?

These strategies are simple and not that hard to achieve. It’s just you need to be persistent with your tricks. You have to apply a hit and trial method. By hit and trial we mean, you never know how you can win the hearts of your targeted customers when you are starting up at first. The only thing you could do initially is to practice some methods and see the outcome. Have a look if you are going on the right track and your customers are liking your product. Once they start enjoying it, you have to do very little of eCommerce marketing because your customers would be your biggest marketer then!

  • SEO (search engine optimization)

SEO gives you a scope to improve your site in terms of Google’s definition. If your site is not shown on the first page of Google, chances are you would lose tons of sales. SEO will optimize your page in such a way that Google gives priority and thus when your targeted customers type in their query, Google would love to show your result on top. Doing SEO for your site is easy but sometimes when things don’t seem to be in the right place, you probably need to take help from the London SEO Agency. 

The process of SEO is wide and you have to have correct strategies for it. Start with the ranking factor for your individual pages and category pages. 

  • To begin with start with keyword research. Find out what people are liking in your niche. You can take help from tools like Ahref’s keyword explorer or Google’s keyword planner. Sort out the phrases which your customers are more into. 
  • After you have a fair bit of an idea about your keyword research, you want to make sure that the keyword has the buying potential. If certain keywords are indicating on informational intent, you must follow the keyword. 
  • The next thing you should do is to optimize your pages. Make sure you have a description, title tag, H1, URL and product description for that target keyword. These things will ensure Google what your website is all about. 
  • Link building is the backbone of any SEO. you must create links for product or category pages. 
  • Content marketing

If your targeted customers know that you have the solution to their problems, they would love to come to your site over and over again. Content marketing will help your customers to know that you have got the answer to their queries. Suppose if you have an online store that sells sunglasses. Now you have a blog dedicated to your online store which teaches people how they can choose their sunglasses based on their face shape. What do you think people would love it or not? People might love the way you marketize your content and excites them to buy a new pair of sunglasses straight from your website. You can hire DubSEO who are experts in marketing content based on the targeted viewers.

That’s a great practice to allure them in a fantastical way! Now the next step you must follow is, while blogging makes sure you cover up the topics related to your niche. Writing on something that is totally out of the pandora’s box won’t be accepted by anyone. If you want people to read your blog, you need to know what they are searching for. Creating content that has no likes or sharing might get your dreams down before they start leaping on. 

  • Creating informational videos

Youtube is now the biggest online video platform. With people depending more on videos to gain the maximum result, you can draw your customers from there. Make informational but interesting videos. Again, have thorough research on keywords that people give while searching for something on youtube. Videos also drive the customers to know more about the product itself and they can judge from it if it’s worth trying!

These are some of the hardcore strategies you must follow while creating contents on youtube:

  • Make sure you have outstanding audio and video quality. A poor video won’t attract even a single person. 
  • While creating content on youtube make sure that you are solving their problem and not just showing them videos. They must know that you are helping them.
  • Maintain consistency. Don’t let your customers feel like you are ignoring them. Stick to your schedule and publish your content on that basis. 
  • Be real and authentic. Your customers will know it if you fake. If you are not experienced with a certain matter, don’t try to make them fool about it. You need to win the trust of your targeted customers. Lying them about your product will ultimately lose your reputation online. 
  • Email marketing

The best way to reach your wider audience is to keep in touch through the mailing system. If you spend only $1, you are sure to get $38 in return. Start by building up an email list of your customers. The first thing you want to do is to generate traffic to your site. After you have the customers arriving at your site, you can ask them to sign up for your regular maybe newsletter or something that you want to provide through the mail. You can either excite them with some exclusive deals or give them some free piece of content.

Implementation of HTTPS:
Security is an integral and useful aspect of the website; when you are putting the best practice of SEO to get higher ranking in the search result. HTTPS being strong site security always preferable among visitors and site holders. After Google’s proposal to upgrade HTTP to HTTPS, SSL certificate has become a mouth of the word across the globe. It is in the interest to have an HTTPS as the travelling traffic between the server and the user remains encrypted and safe from the third party. Having an SSL certificate like single domain, multi-domain, wildcard SSL like RapidSSL wildcard or any type of SSL can bring a security benefit to the website.

You can create a list either by yourself or hire our SEO Consultants in London to help you achieve that.

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