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SEO vs PPC Which is More Effective in 2021?


The debate on which one of SEO vs. PPC is better has been going on for ages. Deciding where your digital marketing stands and what it requires greatly impacts which one of them will be more effective.

You might also be wondering if there is any sort of straight answer to the question? Is it compulsory to choose one of them? Or could it be both?

We have curated this post to answer these questions, but the fact that you must know is that Perth SEO agencies prefer using a combination of both to craft a more effective marketing strategy.

Despite that, let’s know the basics of SEO vs. PPC to judge which one of them would be more suitable for your business.

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SEO is the most organic way of lead generation. It has its unique way of working, which has both positive and negative aspects related to it. Businesses around the globe prefer using SEO more as its effects last for a long period, which is certainly more valuable in terms of resources.

  • Advantages of using SEO
  1. More stable source of traffic.
  2. Proper optimization can last way longer than expected.
  • Disadvantages of using SEO
  1. Time-consuming
  2. It’s an ongoing process that requires constant care, leading to hiring experts like Marketing Sweet, which could increase your cost.



PPC is a way of generating traffic using money. Its working process is quite different from other marketing techniques. But what’s more interesting is that its lead generation time is much shorter than the majority of the techniques.

  • Advantages of using PPC
  1. You hardly have to wait to see traffic.
  2. You have the full power on your budget, that is. You can decide how much you want to spend till then.
  • Disadvantages of using PPC
  1. Even though you have control over the budget, you ideally need to pay more to get good results.
  2. The results are available only till the time you are paying. As soon as you stop investing, the scale of traffic will scoop down.

Which One of SEO vs. PPC is Better and More Effective?

The effective one out of SEO vs. PPC is more effective for your business depending on your expectations from your curating strategy. It also depends on the budget you are willing to spend and the momentum of the traffic you want to receive on your website.

If you want instant traffic for your website, you should go for PPC but if you are willing to wait and enjoy the long-lasting traffic, opting for SEO is advisable.

However, a well-thought marketing plan includes an optimal proportion of both techniques to avoid missing out on the benefits.


With the growing number of marketing techniques, the question of which one would be more effective and useful has also toughened to a great extent SEO vs. PPC. To enjoy the benefits of marketing strategy, both are highly recommended even by SEO vs. PPC agencies

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