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Shaun So-Who is Shaun So

Shaun So

Shaun So (brought into the world in 1980, 43 years of age) is an American business visionary, veteran, media personality, and Web VIP. In the US, Shaun is well known as the spouse of Anna Chlumsky, a popular entertainer. He is an individual from the military save. Throughout the long term, he has served his country well. He is as of now a business visionary. As a fellow benefactor of The So Organization, he has an abundance of involvement. Entrepreneurs and directors enlist him to assist them with dealing with their income and representatives

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Who is Shaun So?

Shaun So is also known as Anna Chlumsky’s significant other. An entertainer who is hitched to him appeared on TV after his significant other became well known. As the life partner of a renowned entertainer, Shaun is notable in the US. Shaun was brought into the world in the US in 1980. The man is an individual from the military hold. His accomplishments make him generally noticeable on Google.

 Shaun So with his significant other Anna Chlumsky Picture (Source:

He is well known for her innovative abilities, superstar life partner, web notoriety, and social media acclaim. In his LinkedIn profile, he professes to have begun working at Safeguard Knowledge Foundation. During his time there, he stood firm on the footing of the Knowledge Guard. His work there went on until 2006. Before long, he served in the US Armed forces. As a military specialist, he worked secretly. In 2003, he started working there, and he left in 2011.

Shaun So Life story:

A local of the US of America, Shaun was brought into the world in 1980. His nationality is Asian and he is American-Chinese. The zodiac indication of Shaun is Virgo.

The US-based veteran is a VIP accomplice, business visionary, and Web personality. The US media knows all about Shaun So in light of the fact that he is the spouse of entertainer Anna Chlumsky. An entertainer who is hitched to him appeared on TV after his better half became popular.

A LinkedIn profile of Shaun demonstrated that he worked at the Protection Knowledge Organization from June 2003 to 2006. From that point onward, he enlisted in the US armed force. His administration in the US Armed force Counterintelligence Specialist program ran from 2003 to 2011. Also, he served in Afghanistan. He then took deliberate retirement.

Soon after his retirement, he chose to seek a lifelong in business. In 2011, he established his most memorable organization under the Cubba name. In 2012, he shut the organization. He set up a second business under the name The So Organization that very year. His company was established by him and he turned into its President. Other than being a President, he also runs a non-benefit.

Shaun So Age:

Shaun was brought into the world in 1980, in The US. Presently, he’s 43 years of age, starting around 2022.

Shaun So Level and Weight:

Shaun is around 5 feet 9 inches or 175 centimeters tall and his weight is 64 kg roughly.

Shaun So Actual Appearance:

Shaun So Family:

His folks were rich Chinese. No name has been uncovered about his dad. Also, his dad’s occupation isn’t referenced. The detail of his mom is also not known. She also doesn’t uncover her occupation. His relatives are exceptionally near him, and he appreciates investing energy with them in his leisure time.

Shaun So Spouse:

Shaun is hitched to Anna Chlumsky. Anna Chlumsky became well known with her lead jobs in My Young lady (1991) and My Young lady 2 (1994), the two movies featuring her as a kid entertainer. Her investigations removed her from acting somewhere in the range of 1999 and 2005. In 2002, Anna moved on from Walther Christian Foundation and went to the College of Chicago to procure a BA in Worldwide Examinations. She functioned as a publication colleague for a HarperCollins sci-fi dream engrave and as a reality checker for the Zagat Review after graduation.

Anna Chlumsky and Shaun So met at the College of Chicago. Following their gathering at a school party, the couple dated significant distance for a really long time previously So joined up with the Military Save and got back to Afghanistan. Anna was proposed to by So in May 2006, after he returned in January 2006. Anna was proposed to by Shaun in May 2006 after he got back after working all day in January.

They got participated in 2007 and chose to get hitched following five months. Both Shaun’s and Anna’s families are Chinese, so their Walk 2008 wedding was a combination of their social customs. A girl was brought into the world to the couple in 2013. She was given the name Penelope Joan So. Shaun has a great family that he cherishes without question.

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