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Simple And Effective Ways to Pass a Breath Test

Breath Test


Pubs mushrooming across the globe has made it the hotspot to spend a relaxing evening. It has also made alcohol more accessible for people to unwind with a glass of their favorite beverage Breath test.

Most states have a law against driving under the influence of alcohol beyond the permissible limit. Hence, if you are driving home after a little extra drink, you will likely be stopped by any enforcement officer and asked to take a breathalyzer Breath test. To avoid trouble, we tell you all about beating such a test. Stay touted!

Understanding a Breathalyzer Test

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A breathalyzer is a small handheld and portable electronic device with a mouthpiece. If the police suspect any person driving under the influence of alcohol, they detain them and ask them to blow air into the device’s mouthpiece for a breath test. The driver needs to blow air several times, and the average reading is taken as the result. The process completes within one to two minutes. 

The process has a simple logic. The consumed alcohol reaches the stomach and small intestine, from where it is absorbed into the bloodstream, and then every organ, including the lungs and brain. Due to the body’s heat and the alcohol’s volatility, some amount of ethanol from the alcohol vaporizes when passing through the capillaries of the lung’s alveoli. It then diffuses and mixes with the gases in the lungs and comes out as you exhale.

When you exhale into the breathalyzer, it gets collected in its chamber. The machine passes a beam of infrared radiation (IR) through the chamber to calculate alcohol concentration per 100 ml of air. Now, using the fixed breath test alcohol to blood alcohol conversion ratio of 2,100:1, the machine extrapolates the amount of alcohol in the same volume of blood and displays it as your digital read-out of BAC, I.e., blood alcohol concentration

A BAC reading of above 0.08% is considered illegal for any driver. The BAC value shoots up within 15 minutes of drinking and reaches its peak, usually after an hour of your last drink. 

Myths About Beating the Breathalyzer Test Results  

There are several myths about beating a breathalyzer test result. Here, we highlight a few myths and debunk them to help you know what not to do to pass a breathalyzer test result. 

Using mouthwash

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Most of these have alcohol in them that can be as high as 30%. Consequently, they would increase your BAC reading and land you in trouble. 

Using gum, mints, and other mouth fresheners

These can freshen your breath test but cannot change the amount of alcohol present in your breath. Hence, it fails.

Holding your breath 

Contrary to popular belief, holding your breath test will not lower but can increase your BAC value up to 20%. Moreover, it will leave you light-headed and gasping for breath. 

The same goes for other elixirs of smelly food like garlic, snake oil, herbal formulas, charcoal pills, etc. They might misguide the police with their foul smell but not the breathalyzer. 

Placing a copper penny under your tongue

This popular urban myth stems from the belief that the penny’s copper will react with alcohol and neutralize it. But the trick fails since the alcohol vaporizes in the lungs and modern pennies have an amalgamation of copper and zinc.

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Burping, regurgitating, or belching

The method empties the content of the stomach, and not the lungs. Moreover, the BAC value can increase because of the stomach alcohol rising to the mouth. 

Smoking a cigarette

Its base lies in the acetaldehyde compound that is present in a significantly higher amount in the lungs of smokers. Its high level supposedly masks alcohol content. It might work with low-grade breathalyzers but not with the technically advanced ones. 

Eating peanut butter

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It is believed that the high sodium content of peanut butter will react with and neutralize ethanol by converting it into sodium ethoxide and hydrogen. But the reaction will happen in the stomach and not the lungs. Hence, it would not impact your BAC value. 

How to Pass a Breathalyzer Test

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The best way to pass a breathalyzer Breath test is to refrain from drinking or limit yourself to a drink or two such that your BAC level cannot exceed 0.08%. Other tips and tricks to follow are:

  • Give yourself time after drinking before taking to the streets. As time passes, your BAC reading will likely go down. 
  • Eating enough food between drinks keeps your BAC value low. 
  • Sipping slowly and pacing your drinks to about one per hour keeps you on the safe side. 
  • Sipping non-alcoholic drinks between alcoholic drinks keeps BAC value low. 
  • Sticking to standard sizes of alcoholic beverages helps you track and limit your consumption. 
  • Follow the cardinal rule of ‘pleasure without pain.’ One or two glasses of alcohol would make you feel good, but anything beyond it will turn your pleasure into pain. Understanding the biphasic curve will help you keep your drinks within permissible limits. 
  • Hire a designated driver or take a rental cab so that you can drink and reach home without any risk. 

Wrapping up 

Unfortunately, you cannot say no to a breathalyzer breath test as that would make you lose your driver’s license for a long time. Being mindful and cautious is the best way to beat a breathalyzer test. 

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