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Skipthegame: American mystery Thriller Movie


Skipthegame is one of the most famous thriller movies. The story of this movie is fantastic. Many people like to watch this type of movie. Skipthegame is a very entertaining movie i’m feeling curious. Many English movies become popular in their time. Every movie has its cast, music, content, direction, and production. The movie name“ Skipthegame“ is related to the movie content.

The first trailer of this movie was been released. After this, the movie was released on 12th September 1997. Skipthegame is also displayed in cinemas. Many people like“ Skipthegame“ due to its amazing story and content.

Some facts about Skipthegame move:

I`ll tell you a little story about Skipthegame:

The story of this movie is based on a rich banker Nicholas a guy, who got an unusual 48th birthday gift from his brother. A game got mixed up with the banker`s everyday life in strange ways. As the banker tried to figure out Skipthegame, things started getting confusing. He could not tell what was real and what part of Skipthegame was. As the story unfolded, he discovered hints of a big secret plot behind it all internet chicks.

He wanted to find the head of an organization. On the roof, as the guard approaches, Christine reveals it’s just a game and then his life is ok. The banker Nicholas does not believe her and accidently shoots his friend Conrad. It is heartbroken that he jumped off the roof and landed safely on an air cushion. It is all a big setup by Conrad for Nicholas`s birthday. It was meant to help him be a good person. To know the remaining story please must watch this interesting movie.


Skipthegame movie was directed by famous director David Fincher. The story of this movie was written by amazing writers John Bran Cato and Michael Ferris. Skipthegame was produced by Steve Golan and Caen Chaffin they bought the script of the movie from MGM and gave it to the director. Skipthegame music was composed by Howard Shore internetchicks.

This movie was made in the English language. It was a box office movie that earned $109.4 million. Skipthegame was a super-duper hit movie of their time. Its running time was 128 minutes ensñar. The cinematography by Harris Savides. the movie has an amazing collection of songs. This thriller movie was edited by popular editor James Haygood.

About Cast of “Skipthegame’’ Movie:

  1. Michael Douglas is a wonderful actor who plays an amazing role as Nicholas Van Orton a wealthy, selfish investment banker in San Francisco.
  2. Deborah Kara Unger plays a character as Claire.
  3. Sean Penn plays the role of Conrad Van Orton.
  4. Linda Manz plays the role of Amy.
  5. Daniel Schorr plays the role s newscaster.
  6. Charles Martinet plays a role as Nicholas` father.
  7. James Rebhorn plays the character Jim Feingold
  8. Anna Katarina plays the role of Elizabeth.
  9. Carroll Baker plays the character of IIsa
  10. Peter Donat plays the role of Samuel Sutherland.
  11. Spike Jonze play a role as Airbag EMT Beltran.
  12. Mark Boone Junior plays an interesting character as Shady Private Investigator.

Authentic character, director, and good story make the movie popular and take it on the level of Box Office. With time Movies make money as much. Some people like to watch thriller movies because they attract them. Some movies have a great impact on the public and this credit goes to the writer who writes the story of the movie. The movie is very interesting and enjoyable.

Skipthegame Movie on the Internet:

After the release of movies, they upload on the internet. Many websites provide you links like Netflix, YouTube, and many more. You can search the link and find Skipthegame movie and then watch it. Watching movies is very beneficial for those people who are still busy throughout the week and getting bored with their daily routines. To watch a movie on the Internet you must have good Internet service.

we must watch movies every weekend to keep our minds fresh and active.

Conclusion of Skipthegame:

This movie receives many awards from the awards show due to its interesting and wonderful story. Mostly boys like thriller movies because it is full of action. Skipthegame also gives us a moral lesson. This movie was full of action and entertainment. We must watch this movie due to its good story and mind-blowing cast. This film is a master class in how to build suspense and play with the audience’s expectation at least for the first two to three acts. Overall it is a very entertaining movie that could have a great climax but sadly the ending. So, I highly recommend please must watch Movie. 

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