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MT: Spy on Girlfriend’s Text Messages without Raising Her Suspicion

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How to Check My Girlfriend’s Text Messages

Genuine love is a truly remarkable experience. However, cases of infidelity have become quite rampant over recent years. It’s estimated that almost 40% of unmarried couples cheat at least once. Unfaithful people either tend to have greater sexual interests or weaker connections to their spouses. Gladly, there are several ways you can read your girlfriend’s messages if you suspect that she’s cheating.

Read on to unearth how you can spy on a girlfriend’s text messages.

Why Check Your Girlfriend’s Messages?

Here are some important reasons why you may need to read your girlfriend’s text messages:

  • You have a feeling she’s cheating: if she’s been acting unusually weird recently, then chances are she could be cheating. For instance, she may change her phone password or head out to pick certain calls.
  • You suspect that she’s involved in an illegal Ponzi scheme: your girlfriend may inadvertently join a risky investment scheme which may cause her to lose money. Keeping track of her messages allows you to nip such situations in the bud.
  • You think she’s in danger: caring partners always look after each other. Sometimes, your partner may be in grave danger, but she’s too afraid to ask you for help. Tracking your girlfriend’s messages puts you in a better position to protect her from any kind of trouble that arises.
  • You reckon that she’s planning a surprise for you: if a special occasion is coming up (like your birthday or anniversary), then you can spy on girlfriend’s text messages to know what she’s keeping up her sleeve.

How to Go About It?

You might be wondering: how can I read my girlfriend’s text messages without her phone? After conducting some in-depth research, we’ve come up with a few methods you can use to spy on her messages. These techniques are highly recommended by other users.

Here are two effective ways to read girlfriend’s text messages.

Spy Apps

Spy applications provide users with unlimited access to the target person’s incoming and outgoing text messages. Spy apps can help you to get whatsapp chat history of others or any other messengers. They work discreetly to prevent your partner from getting wind of what’s happening. In addition, you can monitor your girlfriend’s texts remotely without having to physically access her phone.

Cons of using spy apps:

  • Reliable spy apps aren’t free.

What can mSpy offer?

Most guys in stable relationships often have one question that bothers them: how can I see who my girlfriend is texting? Well, you can utilize mSpy to easily spy on girlfriend’s text messages without raising her suspicion.

mSpy is a secure spy application that allows users to access all SMS being sent or received on the target device. It’s totally safe to install since it doesn’t contain any malware or pre-roll ads.

Here are three ways that mSpy can help you to secretly check your girlfriend’s messages:

  1. Via text messages tracker

mSpy provided a birds-eye view of your partner’s SMS activity, allowing you to see everyone who texted them. You’re also able to view who they text and what they talk about. If your girlfriend shared pictures with other people via text, you’ll see that as well.

  1. Via social media apps tracker

If you’re interested in reading your girlfriend’s social media messages, mSpy can help. This powerful spy app effectively taps into your target device’s WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Viber, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger social networking apps. By reading the messages received and sent from your girlfriend’s phone, you can gather ample information to protect them and know what they’re planning.

  1. Via Tinder tracker

Tinder is a popular dating platform that helps people make friends, flirt around and even find love. Impressively, mSpy has a Tinder monitoring feature that can help you keep an eye on who your girlfriend is conversing with on Tinder.

You can also utilize mSpy’s keylogger to intercept your girlfriend’s social media credentials and use them to log into Facebook, Instagram, and other social networking apps. This unrestricted access allows you to read their messages directly.

SMS Forwarding for iPhone and Android

SMS forwarding is a handy feature that’s found in both iPhone and Android devices. It allows users to transfer emails and text messages from the target device to another device. Consequently, you can view forwarded messages on different devices.

SMS forwarding on iPhone is quite easy. Simply get hold of your girlfriend’s phone, open “Settings,” and click on “Messages.” Next, select “Text Message Forwarding” and specify the devices that you’d like to receive SMS messages forwarded by the target device.

Forwarding messages on Android devices can be achieved by opening the Google Voice application and clicking on “Menu.” This will reveal an array of options. Choose “Settings” and scroll through the available options to select “message settings.” Click on the forward text messages option and specify the email address or phone number to receive these messages.

Cons of using SMS forwarding:

  • You require physical access to the target device
  • It only works with incoming messages
  • Your girlfriend can easily find out that their texts are being forwarded


Despite the high rate of infidelity that we’re experiencing today, you can successfully salvage your relationship with the help of mSpy. This app comes highly recommended and is delightfully affordable.

A stitch in time saves nine. I certainly wouldn’t mind to see my girlfriend’s text messages if it meant rescuing her from some unprecedented danger or improving our relationship.

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