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The 4 Best Nomos Glashütte Watches To Buy In 2021


Many people would not immediately consider NOMOS Glashütte as a company that manufactures watches that are luxurious and elegant enough to match those of other brands. After all, it is a relatively young company, formed two months after the Berlin Wall has fallen in the 1990s by a man named Roland Schwertner in the town of Glashütte, which is already called the birthplace of German watchmaking. 

While NOMOS Glashütte is looked like a more obscure watch company compared to other watch manufacturers in Germany, it is said to be the biggest manufacturer of mechanical watches in Germany. But it is not the number of watches that NOMOS Glashütte became widely known for. The design of its watches makes NOMOS Glashütte stand out from the competition. Without further ado, here are some top watch models from NOMOS Glashütte that you should look out for in 2021. 

  1. NOMOS Orion

The NOMOS Orion model is one of the most popular and well-loved models produced by NOMOS Glashutte, even by the designers in the company themselves. This model shows the best of the Deutscher Werkbund and Bauhaus designs that the company has been known for since it was founded. There are many variations of this model, but they mostly share the same clean and minimalistic features.

A manually wound version of the NOMOS Orion highlights golden indices with blue watch hands that stand in contrast to the white and silver-plated dial of the watch. Since the design of the watch is reduced to the most essential, the NOMOS Orion perfectly combines simplicity and functionality with elegance and uniqueness. 

  1. NOMOS Zürich Weltzeit

In German, weltzeit means “world time,” and the NOMOS Zürich Weltzeit is a model that perfectly embodies this concept. Featuring a water resistance of up to 30 meters, a diameter of 39.9 millimetres, and a DUW 5201 automatic movement design by NOMOS Glashütte itself, this watch model is one of the most unique timepieces manufactured by the company for many reasons. For one, NOMOS Zürich Weltzeit is very complex, but it still emphasizes the minimalistic, especially in terms of design.

The watch hands of this model are rhodium-plated and its edges have been bevelled, which provides the timepiece with its elegant look. The watch also shows several cities in the world on the watch dial, and the city dial could be moved easily with the help of a pusher. With this complicated but useful feature helps determine the time in a certain city, you can feel like you’re travelling the world with NOMOS Zürich Weltzeit and it also gives the feeling of having 24 watches in a single timepiece. 

  1. NOMOS Tangente

Available in several different versions and modifications such as the Neomatik, the NOMOS Tangente is an embodiment of the things that NOMOS Glashütte believes in as a company. With its elegant but frank design that is now considered a classic among NOMOS Glashütte watches. This model spotlights a set of blue watch hands that are tempered on a white silver-plated dial.

With typography that is well-known all over the watchmaking industry, the NOMOS Tangente is one classic and refined luxury watch, which shows five numerals in Bauhaus-style font that are unique yet easy to read. Because of the NOMOS Alpha calibre that has been wound by hand, this watch also features high-precision, which is why it has won many deserving awards in the past. 

  1. NOMOS Ludwig

For some people, the NOMOS Ludwig may look like an old-fashioned watch. But this description is less of an insult and more of a compliment, even for sophisticated wrists and avid watch connoisseurs. Featuring a case size of just 35 millimetres and slim watch hands, a slender bezel, and Roman numerals and indices, NOMOS Ludwig mixes the classy and the traditional with the sleek and unique.

Aside from its well-crafted and refined watch case, NOMOS Ludwig’s elegant lugs add to its classic look. It is also the only watch from NOMOS Glashütte that shows Roman instead of Hindu-Arabic numerals, which further adds to its traditional look. But no matter how antique it seems to some people, NOMOS Ludwig’s design will always remain a timeless classic for all sophisticated watch lovers of all ages and eras. 

Is Nomos a luxury brand?

Because it has garnered both accolades and affection from the entire watch-lover community, many people could easily think of NOMOS Glashütte as a luxury watch manufacturing company just like Glashütte Original, Montblanc, and A. Lange & Söhne.

While NOMOS Glashütte watches are considered to be entry-level luxury watches, they are still cheaper compared to other watches manufactured by other watchmaking companies from Germany and the rest of the world. This should not discourage you from trying NOMOS Glashütte out, as they are known for producing watches that do not only speak loud of minimalist, classic, and Deutscher Werkbund/Bauhaus designs, but they are also known for making high-quality and design watches that truly show the uniqueness and the best of German craftsmanship.

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