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5 Essential Elements of an Effective Landing Pages

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Successful landing pages are the bait with which marketing and web design specialists want to convince visitors to buy a certain product or service. But which elements make a landing page design successful? In this article, I pay attention to the rules of thumb and the 5 must-haves for landing pages.

Rule of thumb 1: A landing page is the last link in your campaign.

Acquisition of new customers is the intended result of most landing pages. Clients mainly come to that landing page through search engine marketing, affiliate campaigns and other online marketing activities. The design of the landing page should, therefore, focus on one component and be tailored to the online campaign your visitor has clicked on and is therefore interested in. The steps of the campaign must be followable, the landing page is the last link of the campaign.

Striking call-to-action

The content and message of a page are only relevant to visitors if they immediately understand it. Dish visitors a clear story, with a striking ‘call-to-action’ – because that’s what the landing page is all about.

Rule of thumb 2: Less is more

The average visitor makes the decision to buy the product or service within seconds. All the information he receives and processes in this time frame influences his orientation and purchase decision.

Long Copy landing page only for further explanation

The Long Copy landing pages, which are similar to websites, offer not only a short introduction to the product, but also additional information, for example in the form of infographics, videos and testimonials. For products that need a slightly longer explanation, it makes sense to choose a Long Copy landing page. This will promote conversions. However, marketers use Long Copy landing pages only rarely: they are often overwhelming for visitors.

Short Copy landing page to take readers with them

Short Copy landing pages are not only a trend right now, but they are also an effective method to put your design at the centre of attention. A Short Copy landing page often has a graphic image in the foreground and attracts visitors emotionally with matching buzz words. Persuasion, willpower and competence are rewarded.

Rule of thumb 3: Attractive call-to-action

A landing page is a way to get potential customers to take action. A clearly formulated message helps the visitor understand what he can do. If the text directly appeals to the visitor, he gets the feeling that it’s all about him. The visitor becomes interested and curious and wants to know more about the product or service. Ideally, the landing page encourages the visitor, for example, to proceed to the purchase process or to leave his email address.

Rule of thumb 4: Make direct contact with your visitor

The landing page should immediately appeal to the visitor and demand his full attention. Customers become strongly involved when, for example, you use videos to explain complex products and processes.

The example above attracts the visitors’ attention because it leaves a question unanswered. Why is there a set table there? Is the dark brown surface a television screen? The visitor seems to be sitting at the table and is thus given an active role. This combination invites to watch the video because it is in the middle of the page.

Visibility social media buttons

If you want to encourage your video to go viral, you need to make it as easy as possible for visitors to share their experiences says Albagora. This is done by placing the social media buttons in visible places on the page.

 Rule of thumb 5. Don’t forget the mobile users

 Most likely, many visitors will view your landing page from their tablet or phone. Make sure the landing page is as easy to use on a small screen as it is on a desktop. This means that they should be able to see the most important elements, the logo, the title, call-to-action and any enumeration, all at once on the small screen.

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