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The Biggest Movies on Netflix Ranked (According to Netflix)

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Netflix’s popularity ranking has been going off the charts, having had a new leader in the ranks, the biggest Netflix movies original yet – Squid Game that has, to date, reached 111 million accounts by Netflix’s count which in itself is a magnanimous number.

Netflix has kept its viewership metrics well undercover for many years – a fact well known to all. However, in the past two years, Netflix has become more vocal about the popularity of its shows and movies, basically to recruit more talent and keep the buzz alive.

A continuous stream of this information made available to the public has resulted in a viable list of the most “popular” shows and movies.

However, as far as Netflix’s popularity figures are concerned, they have always required disclaimers. More so, the audience stats have been so blown out of proportion that they have been blamed for being unverified, unsupported, and having no accountability whatsoever. 

Unlike other traditional media companies, Netflix’s stats are not independently verified nor are they backed up by detailed data from the company. In contrast, traditional media companies HAVE to report box office performance, that too while under observation by a third party such as Nielsen for Tv shows. 

Regardless, it can be said with an absolute degree of certainty that Netflix IS the biggest subscription streaming service in the world. The global stats show a staggering number of 209 million members as of the end of June. Since it is a massive platform that has gained IMMENSE popularity, every show and movie receives ample mileage whilst they are on the platform. 

Let’s take a look at the biggest movies on Netflix to date so that — the next time you sit down to list the best movies on Netflix when planning movie night — the following list might come in handy.

The following movies are Netflix’s most sampled films by the number of accounts that have watched at least two minutes in the first 28 days of release. The figures stated below also include any projections that Netflix announced over the released titles. 

  1. Extraction, an action movie starring Chris Hemsworth — 99 million accounts.
  2. Bird Box, a post-apocalyptic movie starring Sandra Bullock — more than 89 million accounts.
  3. Spenser Confidential, an action-comedy movie starring Mark Wahlberg — 85 million accounts.
  4. 6 Underground, a Michael Bay explosion-fest starring Ryan Reynolds — 83 million accounts.
  5. The Old Guard, an action-thriller movie — 78 million accounts.
  6. Enola Holmes, a period detective film — 77 million accounts.
  7. Project Power, a dark superhero movie — 75 million accounts.
  8. Army of the Dead, a hybrid heist-zombie flick — 75 million accounts.
  9. Fatherhood, a dramedy film starring Kevin Hart — 74 million accounts projected. 
  10. Murder Mystery, a comedy movie starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston — 73 million accounts.
  11. The Midnight Sky, a sci-fi movie directed and starring George Clooney — 72 million accounts projected.
  12. Holidate, a Christmas-themed rom-com movie — 68 million accounts.
  13. Sex/Life, a drama about a racy love triangle — 67 million accounts. 
  14. Kissing Booth 2, a teen rom-com flick — 66 million accounts.
  15. Outside the Wire, a sci-fi movie starring Anthony Mackie as an android supersoldier — 66 million accounts. 
  16. The Irishman, a period epic about the Mafia, directed by Martin Scorsese — 64 million accounts.
  17. Triple Frontier, an action/heist movie starring Ben Affleck — 63 million accounts.
  18. Yes Day, a family film about kids being in charge — 62 million accounts. 
  19. The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two, a sequel Santa Claus adventure movie — 61 million accounts.
  20. The Wrong Missy, a romantic-comedy movie – 59 million accounts.
  21. The Platform, a Spanish sci-fi horror movie – 56 million accounts.
  22. I Care a Lot, a thriller about a con artist who scammed a dangerous man – 56 million accounts. 
  23. He’s All That, a teen rom-com film — 55 million accounts. 
  24. We Can Be Heroes, the kids-of-superheroes action film — 53 million accounts projected.
  25. American Murder: The Family Next Door, a true-crime documentary film — 52 million accounts projected.
  26. To All the Boys: Always and Forever, the final film in a popular teen rom-com trilogy – 51 million accounts. 
  27. The Perfect Date, a teen romantic-comedy movie — 48 million accounts.
  28. Below Zero, a Spanish action film about an attack on a prisoner transport truck – 47 million accounts.
  29. Over the Moon, an animated film about a girl traveling to a mythical land – 43 million accounts.
  30. Klaus, an animated holiday film nominated for an Oscar — 40 million accounts.
  31. The Social Dilemma, a documentary about social-media companies — 38 million accounts
  32. Squared Love, a Polish rom-com film about a womanizer who falls for a model living a double life — 31 million accounts.
  33. Just Another Christmas, Netflix’s first Portuguese-language holiday film — 26 million accounts.
  34. Space Sweepers, a South Korean space Western about four outcasts who discover a lethal robot child — 26 million accounts.

We’ve also taken the liberty to list down the Top 10 movies by total viewing hours in the first 26 days of October. The most-watched movies as of late October were as follows: 

  1. Bird Box — 282 million hours.
  2. Extraction — 231 million hours.
  3. The Irishman — 215 million hours.
  4. The Kissing Booth 2 — 209 million hours.
  5. 6 Underground — 205 million hours.
  6. Spenser Confidential — 197 million hours.
  7. Enola Holmes — 190 million hours.
  8. Army of the Dead — 187 million hours.
  9. The Old Guard — 186 million hours.
  10. Murder Mystery — 170 million hours.

We hope this list will help you decide which Netflix title to binge-watch first. Happy streaming!

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