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The History of Bitcoin and the Game of Poker


The poker card game has become popular among the general public relatively recently, although true fans have known it for a long time. The history of poker dates back to ancient times, but the exact place of its appearance is still unknown. We can say for sure that the first written mention of the game appeared in the 16th century, it was loved in France, England, Germany, and other developed countries of Western Europe, and ancient card games were the progenitors of poker.

Bitcoin, which appeared in 2009 in electronic financial payment systems, has made a real revolution. The development of the Internet protocol and the description of the principle of operation of the client program was carried out by the Australian encryption specialist Craig Stephen Wright under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. It is not for nothing that we mentioned these two concepts in review since bitcoin poker represents an excellent symbiosis. This review will tell you all the advantages of playing poker in a bitcoin casino.

What Do Poker and Bitcoin Have in Common?

Poker is not a game of chance, there is a mathematical calculation, deceit, and rivalry. Players compete in the ability to calculate their moves and diagnose the admissibility of an event. As with investing in BTC, it is important in poker to have a mathematical mindset that will help you always stay in the black. Psychology is also inherent in this game. It allows you to identify the strength of a competitor’s hand by subtle differences, such as facial expressions and gestures. Players are forced to evaluate the opponent’s policy and correct their own website.

Like Bitcoin, poker has gained general acceptance among the masses. Proof of this is the recognition of poker as a sport in many countries, all games and tournaments there are legal. Sports communities such as the World Poker Tour are working hard all over the world to ensure that poker is placed on the throne of the game of champions.

It is currently acceptable to play poker at BTC casinos. In addition, online tournaments are held in poker rooms, which is a great opportunity to play and be protected against inappropriate actions of people in case of your victory.

Below are the most obvious examples of similarities between poker and Bitcoin:

  • Free schedule and work from anywhere in the world – Cryptocurrencies and poker give you complete freedom of action. Both professional players and owners of cryptocurrency form their own work schedules, decide when they have a vacation, and choose where their work will be today.
  • High Risks – Investing in Bitcoin is risky and you can’t be 100% sure that you’ll end up with a profit. It’s the same in poker. You can be a strong player, know the math of poker, and correctly set ranges for your opponent, but what’s the use if you can’t win a coin flip at the right moment? You can also correctly play the hand, but eventually, end up with nothing. Therefore, both of these activities are suitable for those who like to take risks.
  • Statistical Analysis – In order to be successful in online poker or the bitcoin market, you must have quantitative thinking skills. Statistical analysis is required in this issue.
  • The real result is only at a distance – Now the Bitcoin exchange rate has exceeded $19,000. And back in 2010, an American ordered a pizza for 10,000 bitcoins, which confirms the fact that in working with Bitcoin, as in playing poker, the ability to make correct decisions is important.
  • Quick win opportunity – BTC is fluctuating like crazy. Yesterday, the bitcoin rate fell by several percent in one day. Every week, cryptocurrency users go through the stages from “buying a boat” to “finding a job”. The problem is similar in poker. After winning, the player can become a billionaire, and then become a hard work again in the next game session. As a result, both sectors have the potential for quick wins and losses;
  • It is difficult to explain what you do for a living – If your relatives still believe that money is earned by honest hard work in factories near machine tools, and there is only deceit on the Internet, then it is better not to waste time explaining what you do. The best explanation would be the numbers on your credit card or crypto wallet.

Summing up

Both in poker and in investing in Bitcoin, professionalism plays a major role. Both are dominated by cold calculation, high risk, and high stakes – these are the fields where one can get rich overnight.

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