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The History of the Fruit Slot Machine

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The history of the fruit slot machine is quite fascinating. Whenever slot machines are mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind for many people is the fruit slot.

The first coin-operated slot machine came on the scene around 1887. Liberty Bell by Charles Fey was the first machine to offer automatic payouts.

If you are interested in learning more about the history of fruit machines, then read on. The next few paragraphs will try to explain key points in the evolution of these machines or head straight at Wizardslots and play.

The Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell was built to simulate a poker game. This new slot featured three reels with five symbols on each reel. The symbols included horseshoes, diamonds, hearts, spades, and a golden Liberty Bell. To claim a win, one had to land the Liberty Bell symbol on all three reels.

Liberty Bell was also the first of its kind to use coins. Although there were earlier machines before this one, they didn’t use coins. Thus, the reason why the Liberty Bell is considered to be the first machine to be called a slot.

The Invention of Fruit Slots

Fruit machines were first introduced in 1907 by a Chicago company. The machine was a modification of the Liberty Bell and featured colourful fruits on the reels instead of the bell and cards. Some of the fruits included plums, cherries, and grapes.

These fruit machines quickly became a hit, and casinos worldwide started incorporating them into their game rooms as top games. Gamers were scrambling to play these new games, which marked the start of the historical legacy in the slots world.

In 1963, the first fully electromagnetic slot machine was developed by Bally. It was referred to as Money Honey and was the first slot machine with an automatic payout of up to 500 coins.

The increase in popularity saw the introduction of electric slot machines in the UK. These machines featured popular fruit symbols common with modern-day slots. However, gambling was illegal in the UK, but gambling continued in secret. Trevor Carter introduced a Nudge Button to increase the interactivity of the slot machine. Thanks to this new addition, the fruit machine changed from a random gambling machine into a game of skill. It was at this point that slot machines started becoming legal.

Since gambling became legal, technology has evolved, and slots have entered a new realm of existence. Modern-day slot machines have more pay lines, and more features have been included. Some even incorporate fruits into the reels to provide a modern gaming experience with a classic feel. Today, fruit slot machines provide a sentimental feeling to many slot lovers since they come with a big historical legacy.

The history of fruit machines is interesting. Since the introduction of the Liberty Bell, these games have continually evolved into modern-day machines that are interactive and feature-laden. You can enjoy your favorite fruit slot at any online casino. However, you must always remember to gamble responsibly.

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