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The Latest Digital Signage Trends to Look Out for in Australia

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Digital Signage Trends

Digital Signage TrendsAustralia is the sixth-largest country in the world in terms of land area. It is highly developed and is the 14th biggest global economy. It has particular strengths in agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, finance, and service sectors.

With a modern economy, Australian businesses are engaged in the most innovative business strategies online. But as digital marketing has all but saturated the internet, one way you can gain an edge over the competition is by extending your digital advertising efforts to the real world. This means investing in outdoor and point-of-sale marketing. The best way to do this in today’s modern world is by using the latest digital signage in Australia.

The past twelve years have seen significant advancement in the realm of digital signage. Still, it offers much room for improvement. Below are some of the current and future trends in digital signage.

Artificial Intelligence

Using artificial intelligence or AI in digital signage solutions allows data analysis to be more precise and easily accessible. This means that businesses would be able to specifically target displays and manage them to fit their marketing goals using the information obtained. Additionally, this efficient collection of information frees-up the workforce previously focused on this specific task, which means that freed up resources can be used on other value-adding activities that will increase your company’s productivity.

Another similar trend emerging today is predictive analytics, which helps anticipate what type of content will give the most return on investment by providing key analytics delivered through interactive technologies.

Bigger Screen Size

When it comes to outdoor digital signage in Australia, people like to see it in bigger screens. The continuous advancements in technology will ensure that even bigger screen sizes will enter the market soon. You can expect to see more 84” screens and better video wall settings this year.

On the other hand, smaller screen sizes displayed on retail shelves and various hospitality applications would also have a revolution of its own in the form of Power over Ethernet. This significantly simplifies the electrical components of small screens and reduces the consumption of AC power.

Rise of 3D Wayfinding Solutions

Digital wayfinding solutions are gaining traction, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. More establishments will use 3D maps to help visitors gain their bearings within the buildings. Hospitals, malls, museums, and even cruise ships stand to benefit the most from this ongoing development.

 Increase in Internal Use

Commonly used as outward-facing displays, digital signage will also see more usage in the internal communication of many organisations. Digital boards as a platform for information dissemination is an emerging trend that experts are anticipating for the year 2020 and beyond.

Placing a digital screen in shared spaces to convey key company performance metrics, organisational changes, and other announcements is a great way to ensure important information is top of mind among employees. It also improves their productivity as interruptions due to emails, chats, and other forms of individual communication are reduced.

 Interactive Digital Signage Using Mobile Phones

As most people are constantly using their smartphones throughout the day, they offer an excellent opportunity for digital signage content. At present, this is done using a QR code that people can use to launch the content on their smartphones. Another trend that could be useful is the instant-but-temporary takeover of mobile screens. This will be helpful in emergencies such as evacuations. Fast food outlets can also use this to announce sudden changes in the menu or updates in availability and price.

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