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The top 10 best Facebook Apps for Android 2019

Facebook Apps

Do you know who is the KING of Social Media platform is?

If you are thinking about Facebook then you are absolutely right. Facebook considered the king of social media platforms because of its millions of users. Facebook is truly the most wanted social media platform within the digital world created and promoted by humans. With billions of active users leveraging the facility of Facebook daily, there’s no challenge that Facebook is rarely progressing to vanish. However, it admits the table that the main Facebook app is significant and overwhelming to devise storage, consuming huge data while loading and uploading. Due to this, more users are using alternatives for android, it is important for those who feel uncomfortable from auto-play videos, fake news feeds and fake requests.  Click here to know more about Facebook accounts.

So, here, we are sharing some information about important apps which will definitely make you select and install the best of them.

  1. Faster for Facebook Lite

Facebook is one of the most popular apps.swipe for Facebook is a personal favourite of mine because it is one of the most powerful facebook apps out there. it is not as resource hungry as the original Facebook app but it does give it some competition in that department.

It offers Facebook messenger support and allows users to explore usual contents like video; GIFs as observed within the main app. Users also can switch to their classic models.

  1. Friendly for Facebook

This app is one of the latest Facebook apps. It has also beautiful features as well. Facebook Messenger support, theming, the ability to customize your news feed, and more. Videos from Facebook also can download. The News Feed customization allows you to sort out stuff like keywords. That is the best way to get free of nonsense you don’t would like to see. This app is also among the best third-party Facebook apps.

  1. Puffin for Facebook

It was created by developers of speedy which is a Puffin web browserpuffin for Facebook leverages Facebook’s own Cloud rendering technology to change fast, controlled and low-resource social platform expertise. With puffin, users will grasp their monthly data savings and enjoy a similar option as offered by Facebook’s mobile browser as well as the messenger.

  1. Simple for Facebook

Simple for Facebook, as the name suggests, provides nice simplicity by providing a simplified web-wrapper for a Facebook mobile website. Hence, users have all the fundamental features they need as well as expressions and interactions via posts, picture and video upload, GIF sharing and downloading viewed videos.

 It also supports Facebook Messenger activity although its clear side is its limited selection of themes.

  1. Swift for Facebook Lite

It consumes 30mb or 20mb when installing on a deviceIt is spectacular however it utilized RAM space and features it offers for Facebook and Facebook Messenger experience.

 Users will easily do all activities as well as photo/video upload, sharing posts, tagging and commenting and interacting.

  1. Slim Social

Slim Social it seems that hints as slimming down obtainable Facebook to give you an app that embodies powerful simplicity. Its minimum size (100KB) strikes like a big surprise to users. For developers, the most effective part regarding SlimSocial is the open-source quality that creates it simple for contributors to go make changes to its source code. Although it should seem a little slow, users can realize it wonderful altogether. Developers also obsessively continue to update and build new features on and off.

7. Tinfoil for Facebook

Almost a year this app has not been updated, it was also the best alternative due to its simplicity. It only offers a right navigation bar which will only seem once we slide our finger from the right frame to the left.

8. Phoenix

This app also supports Facebook Messenger, you can do all the features the same as the Facebook official app and Facebook Messenger also works with the same things. 

9. Swipe for Facebook

It is one of the most powerful Facebook apps. It’s a hub of features, including an ad blocker, Facebook Messenger support, themes, chat heads, Material design, and support for more than 20 languages. It’s less resource concentrated than the stock Facebook app.

10. Path

The path makes for a unique and thoughtful Facebook option for android users. The app is favourite for its cool easy and delightful interface and provides an excellent platform to post your photos, videos and share opinions with your friends.


Among the thousands of mobile apps, we all have our greatest and favourites. Thankfully, Facebook has amazing alternatives now for Android users also offered for iPhone users. You can try these alternatives, stay away from encountering current problems with Facebook mobile app loading, and feel at no difficulty and enjoy your social sessions with your friends without losing your cool. Confidently, you will end up selecting your favourite from the list and install it on your device right away.

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