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The Ultimate Beach Day Checklist for Summer Fun


When was the last time you took a vacation? If your last one’s fairly recent, that’s great. A vacation’s great for lowering stress, improving productivity, unplugging, and creating checklist memories.

Of course, if it’s been a while since your last vacation or if certain circumstances prevent you from taking one, it doesn’t mean you should give up. Don’t forget you can go for a mini-vacation, for example, a day at the beach.

Now, to be sure nothing ruins your beach trip, you need to be prepared. Check out this beach day checklist to help you get ready for your mini-vacation.

1. Sun Protection

No beach day packing list is complete without sunscreen. Especially if you’re going with kids, you have to consider protecting their delicate skin with enough sun protection.

Besides sunscreen, that means UV protective clothing. Keep in mind that babies under six months cannot wear any sunscreen. Plus, even if your kids are old enough, it’s still a good idea to invest in sun-protective clothing.

Sunscreen, coupled with UV protective clothing, will give them the best coverage from the sun’s harmful rays. To make your vacation relaxing and comfortable, make sure to bring the right beach gear with you.

2. First Aid Kit

Sometimes, it’s not all beach fun. That’s why it’s good to be ready for minor ailments and injuries.

Whether you’re going for a beach vacation or just a day at the beach, it’s best to keep a first aid kit in your car. A mini first aid kit that doesn’t take up too much space in your beach bag is also worth buying.

3. Beach Towels

Can you imagine beach traveling without beach towels?

Of course, even if you forgot to bring towels, it’s still better than bringing inferior ones that quickly get wet. If you want to stay dry and comfortable, consider a microfiber beach towel.

Not only are microfiber beach towels durable, but they’re also ultralight. They’re also super absorbent, dries quickly, and easy to wash.

4. Snacks and Beverages

If you’re the type who works up an appetite after swimming or playing beach volleyball, then snacks are a must. You should also pack more if you’re going to the beach with the kids.

Hard-boiled eggs, wraps, pita pockets, and so on will hold up very well in a cooler. If you prefer fruits, go for those with a protective outer layer like plums, oranges, and grapes.

As for beverages, you can save money by bringing water bottles.

5. Other Items to Include in Your Beach Day Checklist

It’s best to leave gadgets at home. If you have to have your cellphone, though, put it in a Ziploc bag with other valuables and ask someone (maybe a lifeguard) to watch it for you while you go out for a swim.

Other things to bring include medications, comfort items such as beach chairs, and a beach umbrella. You may also bring goggles, a waterproof camera, and a mesh laundry bag to store your water shoes and other items.

6. Have Fun and Go to Dinner Show

Of course, nobody wants to have a dull beach vacation. So make sure that your beach vacation will be a memorable one by going to a dinner show in myrtle beach sc. You will be entertained and enjoy their mouth-watering delicacies.

A good dinner will always be remembered as it will give you good memories that you will forever treasure. Therefore always take this last trip when you are on your beach vacation.

Say Yes to the Beach

Now that you know the essentials to include in your beach day checklist, are you excited about your mini-vacation?

If you need more tips on preparing for a beach outing, you can check out our other posts. We also have lifestyle articles you might enjoy, so feel free to check those out.

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